Phony Claims Infest Cancun Climate Conference

At the United Nations climate confab in Cancun, Mexico, this week, the usual set of phony claims were once again trotted out to try to scare the world into submission.

Claim One:  A four-degree rise in global temperature is likely to occur during the 21st Century.

Claim Two:  sea levels will rise two meters by the end of the century, with the islands nations of Maldives and Tuvalu already threatened by inundation.

Claim Three:  developed countries should immediately implement energy-rationing systems to mandate the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, thus reducing the imminent threats imposed by global warming.

Let’s mow down the first claim first.  I drive this point home in my book, Climategate, and the global whiners loath it:  Since 1850—the beginning of the Industrial Revolution—the Earth’s average surface temperature has risen only .7o Celsius (just a bit more than one degree Fahrenheit).  Point-seven degrees Celsius in 160 years—that’s all.  And this minuscule temperature increase coincided with the proliferation of the train, car, truck and even the lawnmower and leaf blower.  Oh, and the bulk of this warming occurred before 1940.

The predicted four-degree rise in temperature is nothing more than the wishful computer manipulations of a political activist with a Ph.D.

As for the sea-level rise, Al Gore’s been showing maps of the predicted deluge for several years.  If he was so confident of the increase, why did he purchase a multi-million dollar bayside condo in San Francisco?  According to the maps, his pad will be swamped.   The truth is the oceans have been steadily rising since the last Ice Age.  Take your index finger and place it as close as you can to your thumb, without the two touching.  That’s how much the oceans rise each year.  Over the next 90 years the rise will be no more than several inches, not over six feet.

And about Tuvalu and Maldives?  Their surrounding waters show no measurable signs of rising.  The problem is the islands of Maldives are relatively flat atolls, composed of coral.  Since tourism was first introduced to the nation in 1972, 90 plush resorts have been built, with locally mined coral being the main aggregate for constructing the resorts.  Digging up coral on small islands to build large hotels and conference centers is as stupid as sucking the air out of a lifeboat to breathe.  The mining has severely compromised the atolls, creating the impression that the islands are sinking. 

Likewise, Tuvalu’s problem is not climate change.  Tuvaluans’ mess is that their country was never meant for modern habitation.  Their primary indigenous vegetable crop, taro, has been gravely over-farmed.  There is no fresh water available—only what can be cached from rain.  Much of the population on the main island uses a lagoon for its bathing and toilet facilities.  The tiny nation ships its garbage to landfills in Fiji and New Zealand.  Tuvalu is a tropical island mess being run by imbeciles who are using global warming as a shakedown operation, the likes of which would make a Chicago community organizer proud. 

In a 2007 speech at the United Nations, the Deputy Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Tavau Teii, said that major greenhouse polluters should compensate Tuvalu for the impacts of climate change.  “We are seeking new funding arrangements to protect us from the impacts of climate change…we believe that the major greenhouse polluters should pay for the impacts they are causing.”

Last year, caving to public pressure, New Zealand finally responded to the fake cries of forthcoming submersion, allowing the Tuvaluans to immigrate.

Then there’s the claim that the solution to climate change is rationing.  This is the most troubling assertion of all, as we have an administration running the White House that believes this plan is worthy.  Note President Obama’s Director of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, who has written, “A massive campaign must be launched in North America to restore a high-quality environment and to de-develop the United States…This effort must be largely political.”

In addition, one year ago, Lisa Jackson, the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, issued a statement declaring that “the current and projected concentrations of [carbon dioxide]…threaten the public health and welfare of current and future generations.”

Indeed, the 2009 House energy bill calls for an 80% reduction in C02 by 2050.  Thank God the Senate never passed similar legislation or we’d be on our way to…rationing!

We need to follow the lead of China, India, Russia and Brazil and begin building lots of coal-fired, natural gas and nuclear power plants, or else, as our population increases, rationing will be our only choice.