VIDEO: Jindal: 'America Must Assimilate Again'

My dad always told me that the best thing about multiculturalism is the food. I’d like to supplement that statement: The best thing about multiculturalism is the food… and the women! It doesn’t matter from whence a man hails, he can enjoy the fine dining of another country’s cuisine in addition to its female beauties. (Unless, of course, those babes are covered in burqas. Then it becomes a guessing game.)

Cultures, on the other hand, are not created equal. Some cultures are in fact better than others. Traditionally, when immigrants have fled their native lands in pursuit of America’s shoreline, it wasn’t because of our beautiful beaches, bagels, or cinematic mastery. Immigrants risked all to experience, for themselves, American Exceptionalism—the notion that we were a nation grounded in property rights, the rule of law, and free enterprise; a nation conceived from the motto, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Unlimited opportunity abounded, and it was open to all.

Unfortunately, our immigration model has turned on its head. Today, far too many immigrants seek residency in America as an opportunity to indulge in our profligate Welfare State. As if that weren’t bad enough, our gatekeepers in academia, the media, as well as leftist lawmakers dismiss the entire premise of American Greatness. To them, it’s fashionable to drool over native cultures while giving America’s heritage a heave-ho.

And then there’s Bobby Jindal. He’s a child of immigrants, who unapologetically argues that this country must fix our broken immigration system by demanding integration of all newcomers. Encouraging the development of ethnic enclaves within the country just isn’t an option for him. 

“Let’s go back to the old-fashioned American process where you actually assimilate when you come here,” the Louisiana Governor notes in part three of his exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS. Jindal acknowledges that liberals get aneurisms over such talk. “Now, the politically correct crowd will tell you, ‘You can’t impose American values on people.’ Well, that’s nonsense,” states the Governor. “What’s wrong with imposing American values on people who want to come here?”

“We want converts, not just immigrants.”

“Some people have been here for hundreds of years. Some people’s families have been here for hundreds of hours. What unites us—what the Founding Fathers understood—is our values. And the Founding Fathers didn’t intend a government so big that it could give us everything.

“Remember what they said: Government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything away. They believed in a limited government; rugged self-determinism. Individual, self-sufficient Americans with freedom, who were able to pursue their dreams and pursue opportunities. We need to get back to that.”