GOP Must Stop Any Lame-Duck DREAM Act

In my last op-ed, I attacked Harry Reid’s attempt to force a vote on the DREAM Act by tacking it on a defense bill.  Fortunately, we defeated this move.  Unfortunately, less than two months later, the Democrats are planning to vote on it during the lame-duck session.   

The DREAM Act is becoming a recurring nightmare. 

To briefly recap the dirty details of the bill: The DREAM Act is supposed to grant amnesty to illegal alien children who were brought here before age 16 and who agree to join the military or go to college.  

As with all amnesties, it is much more expansive than its proponents purport.  Rather than applying merely to children, illegals up to age 35 can apply.  Rather than giving amnesty to future rocket scientists, the only educational requirement is a high school diploma or a GED combined with a pledge that you intend to apply to college later.  Additionally, criminals with multiple convictions can apply. 

Even its advocates admit that two million illegals will be eligible, but the number will inevitably be much higher.   

Why, in a time with schools over crowded, double digit unemployment, and states in budget crisis are we even considering an amnesty? 

Before the election, Harry Reid tried to pass the bill to pander to Hispanics.   CBS News reported at the time:   

“With polls showing Reid running neck-and-neck with[Sharon]Angle, the Hispanic vote could be critical for him.  Earlier this year, Reid told Hispanic activists that there would be ‘no excuses’ if he failed to deliver comprehensive immigration reform this year.  With no hope left for comprehensive reform this year, the DREAM Act could be Reid’s best opportunity to deliver for Hispanic activists.”
Fortunately every single Republican as well as two Democrats voted against allowing the measure to be considered, so Reid could not get the 60 votes needed for cloture.    

Unfortunately, Reid won by managing to edge out Sharron Angle and his victory is now being used as propaganda that Americans support amnesty and that Democrats must repay Hispanics by voting for DREAM.  

Shortly after the election, the media chorus began running headlines like “Do Democrats owe their hold on the Senate to Hispanic voters?” (Washington Post) and “Latinos May Have Saved Senate For Democrats” (NPR). 

This led to groups like La Raza saying that the Democrats now owe it to Hispanics to vote for amnesty.   

This logic is so backwards, I don’t know where to begin. 

If the voters really wanted amnesty, then the Democrats should wait until the new congress comes in.  But of course, scores of pro-amnesty Democrats were voted out that there is no way the DREAM Act will pass in the new congress. 

Nor did the Democrats win because they supported amnesty.  The main race they cite is Harry Reid’s defeat of Sharron Angle.   

While Reid supported amnesty and Angle opposed it, her defeat was not a vote against border security.  This should be clear by the fact that polls consistently showed that Nevadans supported Arizona’s SB 1070 by nearly 2-to-1 margins. 

Even more telling, Republican Brian Sandoval won the governor’s election in Nevada by 12%.  Like Angle, Sandoval championed border security and said he would support an Arizona-style immigration law in Nevada.   

According to exit polls analysis from the Pew Hispanic Center, Angle received 27% of the Hispanic Vote while Sandoval received 33%.  However, Sandoval received a much higher percentage of the white vote as well, with 62% compared to Angle’s 52%.   

The fact is that the Democratic Party put all its eggs in Reid’s basket, sending armies of campaign workers, millions of dollars and all their smear-mongers against Angle.  The Republican Party establishment didn’t help Angle out and ultimately this made Angle suffer among all voter groups. 

While American voters oppose amnesty, Harry Reid knows that amnestied illegal aliens will support the Democrats.  This is the real reason Democrats are pushing for amnesty.  That’s why National Review columnist John Derbyshire wrote that DREAM should stand for “Democratic Reinforcements Entering America from Mexico”

The DREAM Act is bad for America, but great for the Democratic Party.  If the GOP stands united against amnesty, then Republicans will be able to stop it before the 112th Congress takes office in January.  Unfortunately, some Republicans, such as Richard Lugar (R.-Ind.) have already said they will vote for the bill.   

Those RINOs are digging their own grave.  Republicans are DREAMing if they think they will ever be able to out-pander the Democrats.