X-MAS SONG: Barbara, The Little Walters Girl

Why does First Lady Michelle Obama keep letting her metrosexual husband sit down with ABC‘s Barbara Walters?  Does she not know Barbara’s history?  Do you?  Well, it looks like Michelle didn’t let her husband spend too much time alone with Babs this time.  Why, you ask?  Because Barbara Walters has “the fever.” 

Let FRX remind you of her history with former US Senator Edward W. Brooke.  He was the first African American elected by popular vote to the US Senate when he was elected as a Republican from Massachusetts in 1966.  And Barbara Jill Walters loved every inch of him.  So, as we kick off this holiday season, we implore you to listen, as the classic Christmas song tells the tale.  It’s time to click the player below, and discover the true Barbara Walters.

The Fox and Rice Experience: THE LITTLE WALTERS GIRL by HumanEvents