Top 10 Reasons for Conservatives to be Thankful

It will be a winter of discontent for many Americans, with unemployment still high and their net worth eroded. But this country has emerged from tough times before, and even during hardships there are many things to be thankful for. Here are my Top 10:

1. U.S. troops—American men and women in the military are far from home this Thanksgiving, risking their lives on the battlefield to protect the freedoms of their fellow citizens. We should be thankful for these brave souls and the many that preceded them throughout our history.

2. Charitable spirit—Even in hard economic times, the America people are generous with their charitable giving. That spirit still exists as our fellow countrymen man soup kitchens, respond to Salvation Army bells, and dig deep into their pockets to help those in need.

3. Faith—Americans have always derived strength from their faith in God. Let’s not forget our Creator who gave us all the precious gift of life.

4. Family—All across the country, Americans will be gathering with their families for Thanksgiving. Even with the attendant squabbles, hassles, and feuds, being with loved ones makes it a special day.

5. Constitution—A gift for the ages from our Founding Fathers, the Constitution is as relevant today as it ever was and is one of the things that sets this nation apart from the rest of the world and helps make America great.

6. Republican House—After four years of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House of Representatives has finally been liberated from Democratic rule after the GOP’s electoral tsunami. “Speaker Boehner” has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

7. Federalism—With Washington as out of touch as ever, let’s be thankful that many of our 50 states are asserting their powers by challenging federal encroachment. The multi-state suit against ObamaCare is the best hope for muting that monstrosity.

8. Tea Party—What a welcome addition to the political process, and just in time! The Tea Party advocates of smaller government and fiscal responsibility have reenergized the conservative movement and provide a powerful antidote to Obamanomics.

9. Economic freedom—Even with its imperfections, our system of capitalism, in which an individual can take risks and reap rewards, gives hope for a brighter economic day.

10. 2012—The next major election is only two years away, and the prospect looms large for a conservative-dominated Congress and a “former” President Obama. The year 2012 can’t come soon enough.