RICOCHET: What's on TAP at HE this Week?

Any guesses what Obama’s Thanksgiving address to the nation will be? Oh, the usual utterances from Dear Leader Barack – he’ll probably regale us with stories of how the Pilgrims slaughtered the Native Americans; how America should be thankful that he’s the President, and he’ll even probably make another attempt to convince us how hot his wife looks in a sleeveless shirt. A tall order indeed!

So what are we over at HUMAN EVENTS thankful for this holiday season? For starters, we’re grateful that Barney Frank won’t be the TSA agent giving us pornographic pat-downs as we trek through airport security lines.

And that’s just the beginning of what we’re talking about on this week’s RIOCOCHET. There’s also our exclusive interview with Governor Bobby Jindal. You’ll have to click the video below to see what else we’re up to: