Rangel Wranglers

Congress still doesn’t get it.

The level of anger, frustration, and disillusionment that many Americans harbor towards Washington DC politicians is not just tethered to our lethargic economy, mountainous debt, and blob-like growing federal bureaucracy.

Mom and Pop America are also hopping mad that the playing field isn’t level, that there is a glaring, offensive, and grossly unfair double standard. There is one standard for the gilded DC politicians and another standard for the rest of us. We the people get the short end of the stick, which is just the opposite of the Founding Fathers’ vision.

As evidence, I give you the recommendation for censure that “Corrupt” Charlie Rangel received for his eleven ethical violations from his fellow congressmen.

You may recall that Corrupt Charlie stepped down from his position as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee earlier this year. This committee is responsible for writing our tax laws, the very tax laws that Corrupt Charlie violated.

If Corrupt Charlie had any—any—respect for the American public or any personal integrity whatsoever, he would hang his head in shame and resign. But he doesn’t care about America; he cares only about himself. He is the poster child of everything that is wrong with American politics and the out-of-control government.

Had you or I committed the same “ethical” violations as Corrupt Charlie, you can bet your last IRS-owed dollar that we would be spending many nights in the cross-bars hotel.

Not Corrupt Charlie. He basically walked away a free man with the recommendation that he be censured. The recommendation should have been to expel him from Congress and go directly to jail.

Where are the federal prosecutors, the FBI? Why aren’t they camped outside Corrupt Charlie’s door with a stack of warrants for his arrest? He should be led away in handcuffs, thrown in the slammer, and treated like the common crook that he is.

Unless the FBI conducts a sting on a congressman and finds, say, $90,000 in a congressman’s freezer, the likelihood that a congressman will face any penalty worthy of his “ethics” violations is about as likely as my sending money to an anti-hunting organization or playing lead banjo in a Joan Baez tribute band.

There ought to be a law against this congressional-sanctioned abuse of the rule of law. A crime is a crime, and a scoundrel is a scoundrel. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind, not deaf and dumb.

But doing what’s right is not how it works in DC. Instead of turning over the evidence to the cops, the congressmen circle the wagons behind the big mahogany doors on Capitol Hill when one of their own commits an “ethics” violation. That behavior is as scandalous and condemnable as the crime(s) the corrupt congressman has committed.

The congressional kid-gloves treatment of Corrupt Charlie’s various crimes is yet another glaring indication that Congress either doesn’t understand the anger that is permeating across the fruited plains or worse, doesn’t care.

What we have is a ruling class of congressmen who are above the rule of law. The congressional punks who let Corrupt Charlie off the hook should all be tried for various crimes against America. Instead of throwing Corrupt Charlie out of the House, these scoundrels pass 2,000-page bills that they didn’t read or understand but that will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. This is justice denied.

We deserve better. Throw Corrupt Charlie out of the House. This would restore some faith in Congress by the American people.

We should demand much better from our elected officials, especially those new Republicans recently voted in. They had better get it real quick, or they too will be looking for work in two years.