AUDIO: Barney Frank's Pervert Airlines

The Obama Administration has a premiere civil servant leading the TSA this holiday season: Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts!  The mission, which he enthusiastically accepted, is to ensure that all of Barney’s fingers end up on every organ of every American…every day!  Homeland Security has now become Homeland Perversity!  All of the groping security-check madmen will now model their behavior on Barney! 

Won’t it be fun to run the gauntlet of drooling mouths, fat hairy bellies, and sticky hands?  And, if Barney is busy while you’re late for that flight to grandma’s, get ready to reach second base with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano!  It’s time to lose your airport virginity to Frisky Frank and his team of sexual predators!  Click the player below, and hop aboard Pervert Airlines.  It’s an experience you can’t wash off!

Fox and Rice Experience: Pervert Airlines by HumanEvents