The Militia Secret Hand Shake

I got many responses on my last article about how to find their local militia. If you wanted to find your local militia how would you seek them out? The problem is there is no easy answer. There is no hotline. There is no secret handshake the range master at the local gun club will understand. The problem is that it takes leg work, and conversation, and heart. Mostly it takes finding groups of like minded people and just starting meaningful conversation about beliefs, concerns, and hopes.
I took the basic college kid approach. I Googled militias in Florida. I found a few sites, one of which was a forum. I registered with the site and a day or so later I was accepted. Once accepted, I posted a thread saying I was looking for a militia in my area. I got a response immediately, it turned out to be from a man who was a member of the of the militia I would eventually join. During the vetting process I met a few members and did various types of training exercises with them before being accepted. Apparently this is somewhat atypical. Many people in our group spent considerable time finding the right fit.
There is one member of our group that lives in central Florida and is in the service industry. We talk daily about the conversations he has with people and what he sees in their homes. Every time he sees a gun safe he strikes up a conversation. This is a simple, courageous and, what some would call a  foolish approach. The problem with many militias in many areas recruiting new members is they are scared. They are acting upon the assumption they are doing something they need to hide. This assumption is what keeps us few and far between in many areas. If you are hiding your actions and beliefs you have already lost your liberty. We have not lost our liberty, we are fighting to keep it.

Finding a militia in your area is about talking to people. Its about being open and honest with everyone you meet about your concerns and your beliefs. It is about embracing your community and fighting for the liberty of all. Many times it is about building your own militia. If you act upon your convictions, you don’t need to find your militia, it will find you.
If I had to come up with a secret handshake protocol for the militia it would be as follows:

1)    You greet someone with a simple firm handshake
2)    You talk to them about who they are and what they believe in
3)    You decide if they are the kind of person you can trust and believe in (remember to never ignore your instincts)
4)    You ask them to come to a family dinner
5)    You rally and organize

This is much like how we make new friends, and that is what the militia members in my group are, they are my brave, proud, strong friends, who I know will stand by my side when I, we, and our country need it most. So, if you are wondering where to find your local militia Google militia and your state and look up militia in forums, there are many active sites where you can meet and interact with people who think the way you do. The main thing to do is to talk to everyone you meet about what you believe because if you hide your beliefs from anyone you lose, we lose, and our country loses. Walk the walk and talk the talk and before you know it you will find yourself sitting at the dinner table three deep in patriots.