Obama Chooses to Shame America

The world knew how that greatest of statesmen Winston Churchill felt about appeasing one’s enemy.  To quote the great man:

 “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

In 1939, the world watched as Germany’s dictator, Adolf Hitler, acted with more and more aggression directed at his European neighbors, and when he finally annexed a portion of Czechoslovakia, his intentions had become clear to many.  But not to England’s Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.  Prime Minister Chamberlain had embraced appeasement as his foreign policy, and in its pursuit he made numerous trips to Germany to try to make an accommodation with Herr Hitler, as Chamberlain called him, and maintain the peace in Europe.  On the third and final trip, Chamberlain achieved what he felt was an historic breakthrough in this regard, which became known as the Munich Agreement.  This document ceded much to the German dictator, which a large part of the world, except, of course, those being ceded, was willing to do to keep war at bay.

When Chamberlain returned to Britain with this decree in hand, he was hailed as a hero, and when presenting the Agreement to the people of England, he was urged to declare that ‘peace in our time’ had been achieved.  The Prime Minister actually balked at this suggestion, saying, “No, I don’t do that sort of thing,” as the statement was originally that of Benjamin Disraeli upon his return from the Congress of Berlin many years earlier.  At that time, Prime Minister Disraeli had said:  “I believe it is peace for our time.  Now I recommend that you go home and sleep quietly in your beds.”  Later, Chamberlain did in fact repeat Disraeli’s words, which have since that time sadly become the legacy of that pre-World War II Prime Minister.

What is the actual definition of ‘appeasement?’  In pre-war Europe it was perhaps maintaining the peace at any cost, as it hadn’t been three decades since the last catastrophic conflict had devastated the continent of Europe, and no one but the aggressors were looking to repeat the disaster than had ensued. 

In current time, however, appeasement can be defined differently.  Enacting the policy of appeasement is in fact embodied in the most recent international trip of the President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.

One would think that it would be possible to become inured to the humiliation Barack Obama causes the United States of America everywhere he goes to represent it, everytime he speaks in its behalf, and every place he is accompanied by his wife.  But in this trip to the East and the Muslim world, Obama surpasses even himself in shameful behavior.

His constant fulsome praise of the world of Islam was on overdrive on this trip; I don’t think that even the Muslim world regards itself as highly as Obama regards it. 

One would have hoped that someone on his crack staff would have told him by now that Muslims murdered 3,000 of us a few years ago, but we all know by now that Obama, along with that crack staff, never let facts get in their way.  Soaring rhetoric (that is to say, lies) about the glories of Islam fits the bill much more for this group, don’t you know.

What Obama did on this trip was a classic, though perhaps even more craven than usual,  demonstration of appeasement of the enemy.  Despite the fact that Muslims worldwide have sworn in innumerable ways, and in equally innumerable venues, to destroy the West, the Great Satan, (us), in particular, Obama feels that the United States must make accommodation of any and all kinds to the Muslim world.  He is not satisfied just to praise Muslims for the greatness of their religion and its practitioners in the various nations where it is found, he feels he must also denigrate the nation he was elected to lead at the same time.  Our President thus magnifies the national weakness that he projects worldwide by his behavior and his words, thus making the strongest nation on earth, still so despite its current leader, appear a toothless, witless, ineffectual tiger; no, actually, more accurately, an equally wrecked feral cat. 

And Obama knows full well what he is doing.

He is working feverishly in these continuing efforts to destroy American sovereignty by always choosing, as President of the United States, globalism over the interests of the country he purports to lead.  To listen to this traitor, we as Americans can only hope to be as tolerant as Indonesia, as class free a society as India, and as industrious as the inhabitants of the Korean Peninsula.  To Obama, America, in its imperfections, is far away from realizing the greatness of these nations he prefers.

Obama has spent the entirety of this shameful, (for many reasons), trip gleefully reporting on America’s decline in as many ways as he can have fitted on his teleprompter.   If Obama were only capable of saying a fraction of the wonderful things about the United States that he says about all these nations of the so-called ‘emerging world,’ well, then, I guess he wouldn’t be Barack Hussein Obama, the President we have come to know and not love.

In that long ago time of pre-war Britain, after the misplaced euphoria of ‘peace in our time’ had abated in the face of the continued aggression of Nazi Germany, people woke up to the consequence of accepting the appeasement of the enemy as national foreign policy.  Unprepared for the conflict ahead, Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 after Hitler invaded Poland, which, of course, he had promised not to do, and the world was thus at war.

Winston Churchill, who became Prime Minister after a heartbroken Chamberlain left the office, said:  “England has been offered a choice between war and shame.  She has chosen shame, and will get war.”

At this point the world knows what President Obama is made of, and it is the opposite of the patriotism, determination, grit and brilliance displayed by Winston Churchill not only before the war, as he stood with very few in objecting to the policy of appeasement, but during its tragic entirety.  The British statesman was also completely unlike Obama in every way, but most heartily that Churchill wanted and worked toward a strong England in order to resist the Axis oppressors, while our own current President wants a weak America, and he is employing all the resources at his disposal, which remain considerable, to achieve this. 

What is even more remarkable is that Obama makes any and all accommodation and capitulation to the enemies of our country without anything being achieved, or even asked for, in return.

Neville Chamberlain was an honorable man who behaved in what he considered to be an honorable manner in trying to maintain peace in Europe, no matter how naïve that turned out to be.  He also maintained this honorable mien, as he served in the War Office in Britain after stepping down as Prime Minister.  He wanted, despite his mistaken actions, to help the nation he loved.

No such claim can be made of our current President, as every action he takes and every word he says, made so blindingly obvious in this most recent trip, demonstrate his loathing and contempt for the nation we love 

Unfortunately, we cannot ‘sleep quietly in our beds’ with Barack Hussein Obama as President.