CAIR Fights Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Law, Not Jihadis

Oklahoma became the first state to pass a proposition that Sharia-based court decisions and foreign law should be banned, an idea any patriot could love. But on Monday morning a federal judge, Vicki Miles-LaGrange, issued a temporary restraining order blocking Oklahoma’s new state constitutional amendment—that had just been approved by 70% of the vote—which forbids courts to decide cases using Islamic law (Sharia). The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is trying to block the law, and for now they’ve succeeded:
The restraining order will remain in place until another hearing on November 22.

Yet whatever temporary successes Muslim supremacists appear to attain, I believe that the suit and other actions like it are a good thing. The Islamic supremacists are showing their hand and revealing their agenda. The Ground Zero mosque revealed the true face of Islamic supremacists to the American people and unmosqued their real goals, and now, so, too, will the lawsuit being brought by the Hamas-linked, Muslim-Brotherhood front CAIR against the good people of Oklahoma. My colleague, Robert Spencer, an expert on Islam, asks about the Oklahoma Sharia law hearings, “Will Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani be available to testify?”

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is awaiting death by stoning in Iran after being falsely convicted of adultery. That’s Sharia.

Oklahoma’s CAIR leader, Muneer Awad, says, “Sharia law has never been used in Oklahoma before this amendment came about,” and so the law is unnecessary. Then why sue to block it?

Thanks to their attitude that Islam must dominate, Americans across the great country are waking up to the enemy in our midst. Hamas-linked CAIR is suing Oklahoma, but why isn’t Muslim-Brotherhood, Hamas-linked CAIR as aggressive against jihad, the slaughter of non-Muslims? Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood CAIR is suing Ohio to install Sharia law. Why isn’t CAIR fighting against the jihadists with hate and determination? Why aren’t they fighting the devout violent Muslims with such venom? Why are they instead suing Oklahoma to pave the way for the Sharia law?

And who is funding them?

We are talking about millions of dollars here. Where does this money come from, funding our destruction from within? While the slaves at Politico et al. are feverishly tracking down my $18 and $25 donations, they remain silent, complicit in the massive subversive funding of the supremacist groups whose stated goal, in the words of a captured internal Muslim Brotherhood document, is “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” These lawsuits cost a bloody fortune. The ten-million-dollar lawsuit filed against me by Rifqa Bary’s parents’ lawyers has already racked up $25,000, and it has only just begun. My thanks go to David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center for their hard work and diligence in taking on this frivolous but significant and dangerous lawsuit filed as a precedent to help silence anyone who speaks out against Islam. That, too, characterizes Sharia practices.

We have seen Sharia law in New Jersey. Back in July, a Muslim husband raped his wife, and the judge determined that no sexual assault occurred because Islam forbids wives to refuse sex on demand from their husbands. Luckily, the appellate court overturned this decision, and a Sharia ruling by an American court has not been allowed to stand—this time.

Imposing mandatory prayer times in union contracts on non-Muslim workers is another working of Sharia. It must be stopped. Drip, drip, drip—bit by bit—Islamic supremacists are working to bring elements of Sharia here. Yet there is no place for Sharia in America.

This case in Oklahoma must be fought by the best Western minds, and won, and used as the template for all 50 states. (Then I can move to Oklahoma and leave my burqa behind.)

And Hamas-linked CAIR makes a stunning admission in its press release about the lawsuit against Oklahoma. It calls the Oklahoma amendment “anti-Islam,” admitting that the brutal, oppressive and radical Sharia, with its stonings and amputations and oppression of women, is Islam. Why call the amendment “anti-Islam”? It is anti-Sharia. Oklahoma meant to ban stonings, amputations for theft, death for apostates, and the other elements of Sharia that contradict the rights and freedoms guaranteed to American citizens by the U.S. Constitution. And now CAIR is admitting that all such practices go back to Islam itself.

By their fruits we shall know them, and so once again, we know Islamic-supremacist CAIR.