AUDIO: The Walking Dems

AMC premiered its brand-new series, “The Walking Dead,” on October 31st.  It’s a show that chronicles a zombie uprising, fitting for Halloween and beyond.  Soon, on November 15th, the US House of Representatives will premiere its own nightmare, “The Walking Dems,” as the lame duck session of Congress commences.  The Democratic agenda and the White House’s priorities are dead on arrival, not only in this session, but for the next two years, as the 2012 Presidential Election inches closer.  AMC earned its highest ratings ever with “The Walking Dead,” and as a result, it has already been renewed for a second season.  Perhaps the rotting lifeless left-wing kooks who just lost their reelection bid can join the cast when filming begins for Season Two.  To give you a horrific example of what is to come, click the player, and experience true terror:

The Fox and Rice Experience: The Walking Dems by HumanEvents