Top Ten Liberal Arts Colleges Boost Dems in 2010

Sitting in a brightly lit college classroom the day after the 2008 election, a short, balding fat man grinned as he said, “The Reagan coalition is dead. The Obama coalition has been forged, and it will be here for a generation.” I winced. Was he right?

“I hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so,” he continued, knowing that roughly a third of the class was conservative. This was, after all, the Catholic University of America. “I was right,” he concluded, saying those words in a way that only a smug leftist professor could.

Two years have passed, and conservatives came back with a vengeance. “Obama’s America,” as my former leftist professor called it that day, told the President to take his coalition and “shove it,” a phrase I’m admittedly borrowing from Rhode Island Democrat Frank Caprio.

Wednesday morning wasn’t just your average morning; it was morning again in America. I am certain that somewhere, President Reagan is smiling.

Tuesday night was undoubtedly the third anti-big government message sent to President Obama, following the governors’ races in New Jersey and Virginia, and Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. We all know President Obama isn’t getting the message, and neither are our nation’s schools.

A Young America’s Foundation research study revealed that for the 2010 elections, college administrators and professors at the U.S. News and World Report top ten universities gave almost exclusively to the Left. Eighty-four percent of contributions went to Democrats. This should not surprise anyone.

Candidates were not the only ones raking in money from our nation’s college campuses: liberal Political Action Committees received 94 percent of total contributions from administrators and professors at these colleges. Again, this is not a surprise, but it does underscore that our universities are unabashedly biased.

The numbers do not end there, however. Consider another Young America’s Foundation research report: President Obama, since taking the oath of office, has spoken on college and high school campuses 53 times. That’s an average of one campus speech every 12 days. President Obama knows that our nation’s campuses are unquestionably liberal.

When President Obama wants to buy car companies, spend more money we don’t have, let the Bush tax cuts expire, put a tax on carbon emissions, or enact a government takeover of health care, rest assured he’ll be on some campus somewhere with teleprompters and rolled up sleeves. He knows the professors will cancel classes and the administrators will roll out the red carpet and close offices so that Obama can try his hardest to impose his big government, socialistic ideas on an impressionable young audience.

College administrators and professors must be scratching their heads. What went wrong Tuesday night? Did they not donate enough money? Did they not cancel enough classes so their students can watch an Obama rally? Did they not send out enough campaign emails? They probably agree with the President: “He didn’t communicate his message well enough.”

If a sweeping defeat does not convince the President and administrators and professors at our nation’s universities that they are on the wrong side of history, supporting outdated and flawed ideas, nothing will. The President is so insistent on calling conservatives a bunch of unhelpful “Slurpee-sipping” bystanders that he’s completely ignoring why they were voted back in the first place.

The real message here is that numbers simply don’t lie. In an election with overwhelming resonance with the will of the people, college administrators and professors are still propping up the same old tired ideas. It would not be so concerning if they weren’t teaching our nation’s next generation, but they are.

By the way, if you’re wondering what I received in that class with the smug leftist professor, I’ll tell you: I received a “solid B plus.”


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