Moderate Democrats Want Pelosi to Step Aside So Their Party Can Move In A New Direction

Fox News has assembled a collection of statements from moderate Democrats, expressing dismay that Nancy Pelosi intends to remain as House Minority Leader.  Representative Dan Boren of Oklahoma thinks the epic beating suffered by Democrats in last Tuesday’s election was a message from voters, who want the party to move in a new direction.  “They want someone to lead the party who is going to be bipartisan,” Boren told Fox.  “This is very disappointing for a lot of us in the center.”

If these “moderate” Democrats are honestly surprised that a California liberal used them to push a radical agenda, they shouldn’t be allowed to operate motor vehicles without careful supervision.  It rings a little hollow to have them express their disappointment after the voters hunted them to extinction last week, just as it was hilarious to hear them run against Pelosi over the last few months.  When trillion-dollar expansions of the government were on the table, these “moderates” raised no objections, or at least none they weren’t willing to barter away.

If Representative Boren and his colleagues are serious about charting a new course for their mortally wounded Party, they’ll definitely need to do it without Pelosi.  The former Speaker sent a letter to Democrats over the weekend, in which she repeated her belief the only thing Democrats did wrong over the past two years was fail to explain their brilliance adequately.  “We must build the capacity for effectively communicating our message of job creation and opportunity for all, while supporting our signature achievements of health care, Wall Street reform, and Social Security and Medicare,” Pelosi’s letter advised.

Democrats’ message of “job creation and opportunity for all” has resulted in double-digit unemployment.  The “signature achievement of health care” is an epic disaster that kills another sector of the economy each time it thrashes one of its many tentacles.  Democrats deal with the impending collapse of Social Security and Medicare the same way they dealt with the death throes of Fannie Mae: ignore the problem and savagely attack anyone who dares to bring it up.

Fortunately for the moderate Democrat caucus, Representative Health Shuler of North Carolina has been making noises about running against Pelosi for House Minority Leader.  She’s made it clear there will be no new direction for Democrats if she remains in a leadership position.  Fortunately, voters understood there would be no new direction for America as long as she remained Speaker of the House.