Top 10 Democrats We're Happy to See Defeated

The Democrat-controlled 111th Congress will go down as the biggest-spending session in U.S. history, leaving behind a legacy of trillion-dollar deficits far into the future.

Here are the Top 10 of these big-spending Democrats that we were happy to see take a beating from the American voters on Election Day.

1.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:  She wasn’t voted out of office from her safe ultra-liberal San Francisco district, but she will be giving up her position as speaker of the House and that’s good enough to top the list.  Pelosi was so out of touch that even House Democrats were running against her. 

2.  Rep. Alan Grayson:  Good riddance to this crude left-wing freshman congressman (American Conservative Union rating: 0) from Florida’s 8th Congressional District in Orlando.  Grayson famously said on the House floor that the Republican healthcare plan was, “Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly,” and ran misleading ads calling his opponent Daniel Webster, “Taliban Dan.”

3.  Rep. James Oberstar:  The powerful chairman of the House Transportation Committee has been in Congress serving Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District (Duluth) since 1975.  Thirty-five years is long enough for the pork-barrel loving congressman who tried to sue President Bush for violating the Constitution, has a lifetime ACU rating of 10.73 and an “F’ from the National Taxpayers Union.

4.  Sen. Russ Feingold:  senator from Wisconsin since 1994 before losing last week to Tea Partier Ron Johnson, Feingold was co-author of the intrusive McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, much of which has been overturned by the Supreme Court.  While a maverick on some issues, Feingold had a lifetime ACU rating of only 12.74.

5.  Rep. John Spratt:  Representing South Carolina’s 5th District (Sumter) since 1983, the chairman of the House Budget Committee was instrumental in the passage of Obamacare, saying at the time, ‘”It was like sharing a moment in history.”  He voted with Democrats in the House 98.2% of the time.

6.  Rep. Paul Kanjorski:  A congressman since 1985 representing Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District (Scranton), he was strongly pro-labor and a leading voice against the Iraq War.  He was second in seniority to Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) on the House Financial Services Committee, which crafted the unpopular $700 billion bailout of Wall Street.  .

7.  Sen. Blanche Lincoln: An Arkansas senator since 1998, she was overwhelmingly defeated for reelection by GOP Rep. John Boozman.  She famously reversed course on Obamacare, first threatening to filibuster against a public option, then voting for the final Senate bill.  Her lifetime ACU rating of only 19.10 helped expose her moderate-liberal record in a conservative state.

8.  Rep. Ron Klein:  Congressman from Florida’s 22nd Congressional District since 2007, he racked up a lifetime ACU rating of  only 1.33, voting with Democrats 97.9% of the time.  His 54%-to-46% defeat by war hero Allen West means the Republican Party has two incoming African-American members of Congress.

9.  Rep. Tom Perriello:  This freshman  from Virginia’s 5th Congressional District was the only representative whom President Obama campaigned for this election.  The reason:  He was a reliable vote (ACU rating 18.00) for the President, backing Obamacare, the stimulus package and cap-and-trade energy legislation.

10.  Rep. Ike Skelton: The 78-year-old congressman from Missouri’s 4th District (Jefferson City) since 1977 was chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  Considered a pro-defense Democratic moderate, his voting record became more liberal, including opposition to the Reagan 1981 tax cuts and the Bush 2001 tax cuts.