VIDEO: A Portrait of the President as an Angry Man

ATTENTION: DO NOT be fooled by the elaborate disguises or the brilliant Kubrickesque camera work.  This IS President Barack Obama and Senior Adviser to the President, David Axelrod, caught on tape just moments after the Republicans were declared the victors in the House of Representatives.  This is not a fake or a ruse.  It is, however, evidence of an intimate discussion that took place in the “Election War Room” of The West Wing on the night of the midterm elections.  Witness this portrait of the President as an angry man.  Notice the body language and gesticulations.  The President is even more enraged than usual because Mr. Axelrod interrupted him as he watched SportsCenter on ESPN. 

Behold the unvarnished man, defeated by a wave of American discontent, and when you click the video, you’ll see and hear how far the lofty rhetorical One has fallen: