The Process of United States Islamification

Our nation is being strangled with inconceivable, unconscionable, and massive amounts of debt. Unrestrained political correctness runs amok among us. Our Congressmen and women are buying and bribing reelection through out of control “earmark” spending only to satisfy the pleasure and greed of their local supporters. At the same time they are crafting for themselves retirement plans that make them instant lifetime millionaires and exempting themselves from a health care plan they are force feeding the rest of us. Few of them seem able or willing to say to their colleagues, “Enough! This far and no further!”

Recently taxpayer supported National Public Radio fired reporter/commentator Juan Williams because he used the word “Muslim” in a way deemed politically incorrect. This is vivid evidence that our nation and the western civilized world are facing a struggle of values and principles of momentous proportions and consequences. 

Are we at war with Islam? No! Not in the least do we wish the Muslims of the world ill. Is Islam at war with the U.S. and the western world? No, unless you consider the killing of 3000 Americans an act of war? Were Churchill alive he would probably say that, “Muslims don’t want to go to war with the United States. What they desire are the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines.”

If the “Moderate Muslims” of the world would take a stand for righteousness and Godly principles, radical Muslim terrorism would wither and die, as would the current tensions between Christians and Muslims. You see, there is much more at stake than whether or not we will have a conservative or liberal Congress or President. The real focus should be on Islam’s emergence as the world’s most dangerous political and religious power.

The battle for the future of Western Europe is nearly lost and few Europeans dare be openly critical of things Muslim, for very good reason. If they openly oppose Europe’s Islamification, they run the very real risk of being assassinated. Such naked fear and terror has not been loosed on the European continent in such fury since the Brown Shirts had free reign in the 1930’s. On the other hand with eyes wide open, the U.S. has willingly given Islamists — some of them radical — the keys to our schools, courts and neighborhoods, resulting in the subtle infiltration of all facets of American society and culture.

The situation is made more dire because not many Senators, Congressmen, or Governors seem to have the strength or will necessary to stand up to the demagogues working on Capital Hill and the White House, and insist that this great nation continue to be led by the Judeo-Christian principles and values of our Founding Fathers. How can those politicians who can’t or won’t stop massive amounts of unsustainable debt from being dumped on future generations be trusted to stop the flood of Muslimification? “Vote them out of office,” I say.

Or is this too farfetched? How did this sorry state of affairs come to be, or is this all a bit farfetched? A year ago who would have believed that National Public Radio would have succumbed to Islamic political correctness and have fired a major reporter/commentator like Juan Williams, just because he mentioned the word “Muslim” in a way the NPR dictators found to be politically incorrect?

American taxpayer money is supporting a public corporation, NPR, which is being used by Muslim sympathizers to spread Islamist propaganda and subvert and curtail the “Freedom of the Press” guaranteed by our Constitution. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see NPR install Muslim prayer rugs and foot washing facilities in their buildings.

Insane, overreaching? Ask Juan Williams how insane it is. Ask someone who lived in Germany during the 1930’s how improbable it is? NPR’s obvious unspoken, unpublicized program is to elevate Muslim views above the Judeo-Christian views of our Founding Fathers. If Juan Williams had used the very same words only substituting the word “Christian” for “Muslim,” he would still be working at NPR.

Don’t tell me that Muslims are not gaining a foothold over the informing of the American people through our news media, over the management of our corporations and institutions, and over the teaching our children. Muslims long to see the day when an Islamic crescent flag flies side by side with the Stars and Stripes over the White House and NPR seems to agree.

Wake up America! If Patrick Henry were here today he would tell you to forget the political parties. When you go to the polls vote only for those people you know will oppose — with their very lives, if necessary — these evil and insidious political efforts to undermine America’s founding principles and values.

You see, this isn’t just about steering the country toward a solution of its massive debt problem, or of correcting a burdensome, expensive and unsustainable public health care system. It is about the very real fiber, health and future of this great nation.

Many of those in politics and those serving in the Federal Government today have seriously miscalculated the real issues we face and the heart and mind of the American people. But they do it at their own peril!

For in spite of them, Americans will continue to fight the good fight of our Founding Fathers. They never surrendered to repugnant foreign values, ideals and deceptions, and neither shall we!