Leading Conservatives React To Election Results

HUMAN EVENTS has compiled rapid-fire analyses from top conservatives around the nation on what tonight’s election means and what the GOP should do moving forward. Here’s what you need to know from Heritage Foundation’s president Ed Feulner, Fox News contributor Monica Crowley, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Rep. Ted Poe, California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, Concerned Women for America President Wendy Wright, the Federalist Society’s president Eugene Meyer, Donald Lambro, Erick Erickson of RedState, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, and American Values’ Gary Bauer and Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of the National Rifle Association of America.

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Wayne LaPierre

 After the 2008 elections, NRA had 43 “A” rated members in the U.S. Senate and 226 in the U.S. House. Today, the NRA has an unprecedented 50 “A” rated members in the U.S. Senate and 258 in the House with outcomes still pending in a few races.

It is clear the votes Americans cast on November 2 were a forceful re-affirmation of the principles this country was founded upon and that the National Rifle Association defends everyday, because at its root, this election revolved around freedom.

The American people will not relinquish the blessings of freedom, independence, individual rights and personal responsibility that serve as the cornerstones of our way of life. They’re what make the United States unique and unprecedented in the history of the world. And they’re what the NRA and its members will always defend against any foe at home or abroad.

On November 2nd, the one clear message voters sent to winners, losers, Democrats, Republicans or anyone else – is the same as it has ever been: 

Stand up for the values and virtues this nation was built upon. Stand up for what makes our system the inspiration for freedom-loving people around the planet. 

Gary Bauer

For two years, the Obama socialists have attempted to swing America far to the Left. They’ve tolerated no dissent. They’ve written legislation behind closed doors and passed bills nobody read. They’ve exploded our debt and weakened America’s standing abroad. Yesterday the American people issued a restraining order against an out-of-control political party. The Republicans don’t run Washington, D.C. But we now have a better chance of saying “no” to the worst of this president’s agenda.

Grover Norquist

Conservatives elected a conservative majority in the House for the first time in history. We have had Republican majorities before.  The Senate has more conservative members than ever- even when there were GOP majorities. 

The task now is to remember that Obama still has the veto and the Senate still has the filibuster. Fight for conservative values as hard as possible, remembering that no real U turn on the road to serfdom is possible until we hold the White House and sixty Senate seats.  Much to be done.

Erick Erickson

The Sun Shines A Bit Brighter

Yes, the Republicans did not win Nevada and did not take back the Senate.

But consider that the Republicans have wiped out the Democrats in virtually every middle-class district in the country.  The Republicans wiped out the Democrats in the Rust Belt.  The Republicans have taken the North Carolina legislature for the first time since 1870.  The Republicans have flipped close to a dozen state houses as of this writing.

The Democrats lost the Ohio Governor’s Mansion after ten visits from Obama for Ted Strickland.  The Democrats lost Barack Obama own Senate seat, maybe the Governor’s Mansion in Illinois, and a number of congressional races that lean Democrat.

It was a HUGE night for the GOP.

The Republican establishment also has a few things to answer for.  Like Karl Rove in 2000 diverting last minute funds to California, the NRSC did the same.  Could the GOP have taken some of the races they lost narrowly if they did not send $8 million at the last minute to California.  Likewise, will the tea party movement do a more thorough vetting job of candidates?

The biggest questions and issues though are for the Democrats.  What they will and will not do are the big questions.

And for all the Democrats saying the GOP now must compromise with the Democrats, no.  The Democrats must now compromise with Republicans

Donald Lambro

The Republicans’ strong comeback in Congress and among the nation’s governorships was fueled by the oldest and deepest beliefs and principles that founded the American Republic 234 years ago: Limited government and individual freedom.
That was the driving force that coursed through the electorate in this pivotal midterm election that was a repudiation of the sharp leftist lurch engineered by Barack Obama and his party and a midcourse correction for a country that was heading toward the abyss.
The stage is now set for permanently extending all the Bush tax cuts and expanding them, cutting spending, defeating the remaining Obama agenda, and preparing for the next election to oust him from power.


Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan’s Tenth District:

“This is a victory for the people, not a party”

Monica Crowley:

Tonight we are witnessing the next chapter of the counter-revolution that began over a year and a half ago. The Democrats thought they had their own revolution going: a revolution of big government, big spending, big taxes to pay for the big spending, big deficits and debt as a result of the big spending, big entitlements, and big regulation. And they went crazy with it all.

But what they didn’t bank on was the counter-revolution.

The counter-revolution has taken many forms. It’s expressed in the Tea Parties, the defeat of long-time establishment politicians, the early victories of Republicans in New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and elsewhere, the mass exodus of Independents away from the Democrats and to the GOP, and the big majorities of Americans who oppose the European-style socialist policies of Obamacare, cap and trade, “stimulus,” and bailouts.

And it’s expressed tonight in big Republican wins across the nation. The counter-revolution is yelling at the top of its lungs at the current Far-Left regime: “No! Stop! Enough!”

This is the counter-revolution that gave voice, expression, and political mobilization to the New Conservative Ascendency. It is the counter-revolution that is demanding fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It is the counter-revolution that has had Republicans leading Democrats in the message, money, momentum, and enthusiasm to give us tonight’s results. It is the counter-revolution that is demanding responsiveness and respect from our leadership. It is the counter-revolution that’s turning the Democrats’ original revolution on its head.

It’s gratifying to be able to celebrate tonight, because at long last, conservatives have finally had a good election day. But a word of warning as we move forward.

Voting is both an intellectual and emotional act. Americans obviously think about the issues and consider their own governing philosophy before they vote. But they also feel their votes. This year, most Americans were angry about the catastrophic state of the economy and chronically high unemployment rate. They were also fearful that the very nature of America was changing, in ways that were unfamiliar and unwanted and unsustainable.

It’s critical to remember that today’s vote was a rejection of the Democrats’ arrogance and socialist overreach. It was not an embrace of the GOP.

This year, that was enough. In 2012 and in the future, it will not be. Republicans will not be able to get away with merely tearing the other side down, as bad and destructive as the Democrats are. We will have to offer voters a positive, compelling reason to vote FOR Republicans, rather than simply AGAINST the Democrats. Remember: voting is an emotional act. Voters want to feel good about their vote. Republicans will need to give them solid policy reasons to feel optimistic about having the GOP in charge. That means emphasizing serious spending cuts, reining in the deficit, eliminating earmarks, lowering tax rates, fully repealing ObamaCare, and generally reducing the size of government. It means not just talking the talk of these things, but actually doing them—and not compromising on them.

This is the next chapter of the counter-revolution. Tonight, the Great Silent Majority spoke. Tonight, we painted it red. And tomorrow, we begin anew.

Dr. Edwin Feulner, President of The Heritage Foundation:

Tonight, the American people told the Washington elites where to get off. Enough!,” they said, “Its time to pare back government. Whats needed now is swift, corrective action from Washington.

Heritage has developed a five-point checklist, a priority to-do list for the 112th Congress: Cut spending; repeal Obamacare; stop tax hikes; ensure our nations defense, and end government abuse. To keep faith with the people, Congress must get to work on the check list, starting Day One.

Rep. Ted Poe, Representing Texas’ Second District:

This 2010 election cycle has proven one thing the American people are tired of a government gone wild. As a nation, we were established on the principle of We the People not We the Subjects. Millions of Americans still believe, as our Founders did, that the Constitution is an agreement between the people and the government. It sets limits on what the government can do, not the other way around. The people of this country voted to reclaim their voice in Washington, DC.

Virgil Goode, Former Representative from Virginia:

Despite Republican gains yesterday, with a Democratic Senate and president, it is unlikely that the federal government will do anything to stop the crisis of mass immigration both legal and illegal facing this country.  It is up to the states to pull the slack in the meantime, and yesterday’s results were very encouraging.  Arizona governor Jan Brewer, who was trailing in the polls prior to signing SB 1070 won by a landslide.  Unfortunately, my friend and former colleague Tom Tancredo was defeated by pro-sanctuary city Denver mayor John Hickenlooper in Colorado.  However, several successful gubernatorial candidates including Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Bill Hasalam in Tennesee, Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania, Rick Scott in Florida, Nathan Deal in Georgia, and Robert Bentley in Alabama also campaigned on enacting Arizona style laws against illegal immigration on the state level.  On Monday, justices in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals expressed strong skepticism over Obama’s frivolous lawsuit against Arizona.  If these politicians stay true to their promises, I expect several states to follow in Arizona’s brave footsteps in 2011. 

Chuck DeVore, California State Assemblyman:

An Arnold Schwarzenegger hangover immunized Democrats from the Tea Party wave in the Golden State with Democrats taking eight of nine statewide contests.  Republicans lost both high profile races for governor (Meg Whitman self-funding $140 million) and senate (Carly Fiorina self-funding $6.5 million). Fiorina ran a more conservative race than Whitman and did demonstrably better, giving Boxer the second-closest scare of her 28 year career in Washington.  Republicans picked up at least one and maybe two Congressional seats in the distressed Central Valley agricultural region. Perhaps more importantly to California’s future, ballot propositions extended redistricting reform to congressional seats while two budget measures will simultaneously make it easier for Democrats to pass budgets but make it harder to them to share the blame with Republicans. 

Eugene Meyer, President, The Federalist Society:

I think it is very healthy that in this election there was a lot of discussion of our Constitution and principles of limited government. Our constitutional structure of defined and separated powers has helped keep this country the freest and most prosperous in the world for over 200 years and a better understanding of that structure will help us stay that way.

Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women For America:

America is exceptional. And Americans are teaching that lesson to politicians who don’t get that.

Democrats won their majority by running conservative candidates – but then governed like drunken dictators. Republicans lost their majority by forgetting what conservatism meant. Now that they’re coming back, they’ll hear the siren call to relinquish strong positions that elitists claim are unreasonable. But one benefit of their last loss being so recent is that the scars are fresh.

Yet even before election day, the call to surrender or a one-sided “truce” began among some. Set aside social issues, they say. That, however, is the road already traveled and we know where it leads.

They forget how important social issues are to Americans. They overlook that funding for abortion nearly killed ObamaCare, and would have if not for deception and defections from so-called pro-life Democrats. Same-sex ‘marriage’ loses when put to a vote. And this just in: Supreme Court judges in Iowa who imposed same sex ‘marriage’ were kicked out by voters.

Republicans won big in 2010 because they weren’t Democrats. So they best not let the radical policies that helped cause Democrats’ defeats become their own de facto policies.