Election 2010: Referendum on Obama

Up-to-the-second Twitter feed: We’ll be LIVE tweeting election results and give you all the breaking news as the events unfold. And guess who’s tweeting with us? None other than the inestimable Ann Coulter, our legal affairs correspondent here at HUMAN EVENTS.

We’ll sift through the outcomes, but that’s not all. We’ve also organized a symposium of leading conservatives to give quick and timely analysis breaking down the results and what they mean.
And, of course, what good is the comments section if you’re not sounding off throughout the day and giving the other HUMAN EVENTS readers your own election predictions.
You’ve salivated two years for this moment. And it’s finally arrived. This President has given us an America that is poorer, less free, less safe, over-regulated, and hallmarked by unprecedented government intrusion and historic deficit spending. Now it’s your turn to tell him and his party, ENOUGH.
Make no mistake about it: This 2010 Election is a Referendum on Obama.
Have at it, folks.