Beats Not Bombs, Actual Tea Baggers, Slogan Slayers, and Glenn Beck Haters.

Only in a liberal’s world would it make sense to attend a rally to “Restore Sanity” that is hosted by one comedian whose favorite word choice in an argument is the F-bomb and another comedian whose vocational success derives from pretending to be someone else.

That’s why we’re in no way shocked by how demented the participants of Comedy Central’s big confab over the weekend were. There was the obsession over Fox News and Glenn Beck in particular; the dude who claimed that we can stop war by dropping “beats not bombs”; the guy who honestly admitted that he had no idea what he was protesting; the gals who blamed Obama’s skin color and not Obama’s policies, as the real wedge issue; the person who bragged that “socialism is cool”; the brother who proudly proclaimed that he’s been “tea bagged” multiple times, as he held a sign ascribing that same pejorative act to the “Tea Party” itself; those and many more levels of lunacy at a rally organized to dial down the acrimonious rhetoric that they say infests the political scene today.

In fact, the thousands who showed up were probably the only people in America who believe that President Obama is actually moving the country in a positive direction.

HUMAN EVENTS waded through the weed-infested gathering to bring you the sights and sounds the media will not. Behold, we present to you Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and, in general, the Left’s constituency. Sit back, click the audio, and experience the psychosis for yourself.


This dude thought that we can alleviate tensions in the Middle East by offloading record albums from the sky. Asked what music would eliminate al-Qaeda’s bloodthirsty cravings, the guy was at a loss for words:

# 2 Beats Not Bombs Dude by HumanEvents
What should be the highest tax bracket in America? After an individual reaches the 300k threshold, the tax rate must hit 80 or 90 percent. Or so says this Stewart fan, anyway:

# 13 Tax Bracket C by HumanEvents
This dude had a sign describing the Tea Party derogatorily as “tea baggers” but had no qualms about sharing that he himself has been “tea bagged” on numerous occasions. Takes one to know one, I guess.

# 14 Tea Baggers Dude by HumanEvents
Afraid that Obama is a closet socialist? Pshht, your fears are overblown. Socialism is cool. Well, that’s what this guy’s sign said:

# 12 Socialism Is Cool Dude A by HumanEvents
Non-stop government intrusion into our lives isn’t what’s causing a divisive political atmosphere. Nope, it’s Fox News and the Republican Right:

# 11 Selfishness Dude A by HumanEvents
Surely, Barack Obama and the Democrats deserve some of the blame, correct? Double nope! Obama deserves credit for trying to battle Republican “selfishness,” or some malarkey like that:

# 11 Selfishness Dude B by HumanEvents
This dude is waging a war on “slogans” because slogans create runarounds, and slogans give us only one point of view on a statement. And this guy’s not even sure which slogans he’s upset about. But “slogans” are definitely destructive to America. Confused? Just wait till you hear the audio:

# 4 Clueless Dude on Slogans A by HumanEvents
Our “slogan” warrior princess also admits that the “Daily Show” is his source for news. Now who would’ve guessed that one?

# 4 Clueless Dude on Slogans B by HumanEvents
Naturally, at an assembly designed to “Restore Sanity,” this gal warns the audience that watching Glenn Beck can cause blindness:

# 8 Glenn Beck Hater by HumanEvents
This brother has no idea why he’s at the rally or what the rally is even about. But he’s there showing his support:

# 6 Doesn’t Know Why He’s There Dude Beck Hater A by HumanEvents
Nearly every poll has Obama’s approval ratings in the 40s. But don’t tell that to this lady. Actually, I did tell her, but she doesn’t believe it. Obama’s “doing a fabulous job,” she boasts. As proof, why, just look at everyone who turned out to a comedians’ rally:

# 5 Democrat Rally by HumanEvents
“We laugh at the fear that Fox News presents to its people.” Yeah, yeah. More Fox News hating:

# 7 Fox News hater by HumanEvents
The Tea Party loathes Obama because he’s a black man. His blowing through trillions of dollars and racking up historic deficits have nothing—absolutely nothing—to do with the current mood of the country. Way to call a large swath of Americans ‘racist,’ ma’am:

# 3 Black Obama A by HumanEvents
Naturally, this same lady believes that the biggest threat to our democracy is “strident, right-wing people” who are bordering on “Nazism”:

# 3 Black Obama C by HumanEvents
And what’s a left-wing rally without stoned-out, granola-crunching hippies? Hippies offering us such insights as “Long-haired freaky people need not apply,” with a picture of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell. It’s a ’70s reference, apparently:

# 9 Palin and O’Donnell Hater by HumanEvents
Me: “Now, it looks like you’re dressed as an Indian?” Attendee: “I am Native American.”

#1 Actual Indian by HumanEvents