It's Not Political Correctness but Brutal Liberal McCarthyism

On Monday, Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz proclaimed at a campaign rally that “unlike at a Tea Party, no swastikas are found at our [Democrat] rallies.” At the same time, during a television interview, Rob Reiner, a well-known actor and film producer, screeched that “the Tea Party is made up of people who could fall prey to a charismatic leader such as Hitler.” In effect, these and other liberals have painted regular, grassroots American citizens exercising their political rights as closet Nazis. They made these accusations not simply to silence and to delegitimize the millions of Americans they view as “the enemy,” as President Obama calls us, but because deep in their hearts that is how both Wasserman and Reiner view the average patriotic, white, Christian American. Their view constitutes bigotry.
Like so many others reared in the atmosphere of The New York Times, Howard Zinn and David Halberstam, in the dark recesses of their liberal souls, see the “American rabble” as those whose activities must be circumscribed and reigned in by social engineering, lest their natural tendency to Nazism be let loose. They actually believe that most Americans need to be controlled.
In their circle and salons, one hears of their fear of “majority-ism,” i.e. the belief that the “majority class” (made up of non-liberal, white Christians) is but one step away from brutalizing anyone different from it. Given that this assumption flies in the face of a good-willed and benevolent American history, their conclusion must be seen for what it is: simple internal bigotry. This “sacred myth” and, to them, unassailable truth, are what animate and bind them as a socio-cultural group. Politically, this myth has manifested itself in an ever-continuing drive to dismantle historic America, to topple the “majority class,” and to extinguish the distinctive American culture, our traditions and value system, by a slow death through a thousand cuts.
Too many Americans have been willing to accept the liberal narrative of America as racist and the South as bigoted without grasping the reality that the Upper West Side/Hollywood fraternity hurling these indictments against Americans are themselves filled with bigotry and disdain for their own countrymen.
For 60 years The New York Times crowd has been browbeating Americans into believing that Americans are anti-woman, anti-Black, homophobic, imperialist, mean-spirited, anti-environment and, now, anti-Muslim in the hope of diminishing our country’s confidence in itself and of imprinting a national guilt so that Americans no longer feel worthy of defending ourselves as a people, culture, and nation. Their goal has been to eviscerate America of its Americanism. They loathe national distinctiveness.
For some reason many have accepted this never-ending chastisement and belittling of ourselves, thinking that it was coming from those with misguided but good intentions. But once people realize that what their accusers want is to bring them down, and do so out of a deep-seated bigotry against us and our core values, perhaps people will stop apologizing and begin an offensive against this haughty class.  Our failure to do so will result in a first in human history: the demise of a civilization not by outside military conquest but through its own suicide, born of feelings of unworthiness.
In their effort to subdue and bring Americans to submission, liberals have used the templates of Compassion, Sensitivity, and Hate Speech to suppress any opinion that fortifies the view of those unwilling to surrender or to conform to their program of national suicide. One need only hear the vulgar and nasty comments from the mouths of Behar, Olberman, and other Leftists to ascertain that sensitivity and civility are not their guideposts. The phrase “political correctness” falls short of describing what is actually Liberal McCarthyism, an ideological position using brutal tools and tactics to silence the American majority. By controlling speech, they control our spheres of life.
It should be understood that no matter what is said and no matter how benign and how “sensitively” expressed, the Left will brand any comment or sentence mean-spirited if it differs from their agenda and goal of reshaping America. The Juan Williams case is but the latest in an ever-expanding restriction of what is “allowable” commentary. What they want from the majority is not finer speech but no speech. For them, we, as inchoate Nazis, are not entitled to it. They are after our First Amendment Right, period.
Because “progressives” now see Islam as a partner in their decades-old goal of diminishing the importance of American Christianity and changing the cultural landscape of our communities and schools, they are scrutinizing and outlawing almost all necessary and truthful comments about Islam. Using their old playbook, liberals will elevate every Islamic demand, no matter how offensive, to a civil rights issue in order to demonize and thereby silence those who refuse to have their country’s heritage stolen from them.
Whereas Joe McCarthy targeted a few individuals, today’s Liberal McCarthyism is attempting to disenfranchise the 100 million or so that constitute the majority and middle class. And while Joe McCarthy caused a few in Hollywood to be blacklisted, today’s liberal McCarthyites are trying to destroy an entire culture, value system, and Judeo-Christian ethos, not to mention the traditional family itself.
Joe McCarthy was but one man with a very short shelf life, whereas the liberal McCarthyites have been reigning for decades and comprise thousands in the media, academia, bureaucracies, NGOs, and Foundations. Be it the ACLU, AARP, NOW or radical environmentalists, all share the same ultimate goal: the dismantling of our historic system and unique culture, and the disenfranchisement of the American individual. They hail from the same background and cloth and have simply divided among themselves the battlefield turf wherein they operate. For example, the ACLU uses the legal system to weaken America and intones separation of church and state to attack things Christian while, at the same time, supporting Islamic demands for changes in our communities, referring to the wishes of Muslims as simply “cultural,” rather than religious.
Barack Obama is a latecomer to an assault on America that started while he was still a boy in Indonesia, but with a destructive ferocity he is pushing to nullify the American individual by taxing and redistributing the wealth of the middle class so that it loses its confidence and political potency. By removing such basic liberties as choosing one’s own health care and access to affordable energy, Obama hopes to convince the middle class that its choices and destiny no longer reside in the hard work and capabilities of its members. His infatuation with things Islamic, his apologies about things American, his high regard for international courts and low regard for our borders denote the activation of the liberal Upper West Side dream come true: that there is nothing special about Americanism or American sovereignty.
Truth be told, liberal elitists know nothing about the average American, other than the put-downs and mischaracterizations about Americans they keep repeating and telling each other. They haven’t served in the army in almost fifty years, nor do they study, socialize, work, or marry among average Americans. And so back in 2002 when describing a genial rancher from West Texas—a cultural million miles from Manhattan—the word used by many to describe George Bush was “Hitler.”
A civil war has already begun in this country. The weapons of choice by those who wish to conquer this country are intimidation, suppression of speech, demonization, loss of livelihood, the legal system, and the classroom. Our side needs to know that the battle, against this cultural and religious cleansing has been launched.
We need to exhibit unceasing defiance against the petty bureaucratic overlords who tell us what we can and cannot say or do. Perhaps the shot at Fort Sumter began this week when the crowd at the League of Women Voters defied the overlord who said the Pledge of Allegiance was out of order. They stood up anyway and recited the Pledge. The message there was clear: Liberal elitists are out of order. This is our country. We’re not going down. The battle has been joined.