Do Kenyan Molestors Matter?

Was there ever really a time the Mainstream Media (MSM) didn’t stampede like a herd of rabid lemmings on crack to report every allegation that young boys were molested by Roman Catholic priests? Okay, we admit there was, but seems like it occurred wayyyyyyy back during the misty seasons of our youth. Y’know, before Sinead O’Connor was tearing up that photo of John Paul II on late-night TV. Before Madonna was cavorting lasciviously in music videos, draped in lingerie and a crucifix. Nowadays, the MSM’s standing headlines routinely condemn “pedophile-protecting” Popes or the “circle-the-wagon” Church of Rome—or maybe by extension, Jesus Christ Himself since these are assumed to represent Him.

It’s odd then that the bullhorns of print and broadcast media have been comparatively mum about a child molestation epidemic occurring in the East African nation of Kenya. It’s estimated between 2003 and 2007 alone well over 12,500 girls were molested. Since 2009, more than 1,000 teachers have been fired for sexually abusing pupils, mostly aged 12 to 15. In one Southwestern Kenyan elementary school, 20 girls turned up pregnant, nearly half of them by educators. Some degenerates racked up to a full score of victims before being discovered. Also beginning to surface are yucko trysts between female teachers and youthful male charges.

Could the global MSM’s relative lack of enthusiasm for this story be chalked up to the perpetrators’ positions in Kenya’s government educational system? Support for public school teachers, after all, is a hard, nearly sacrosanct plank of Leftist (read “media”) ideology. It’s safe to say that, had the guilty parties gone by the moniker “father” and been wearing a clerical collar while doing their dirty deeds, international attention would be far greater. When it’s a “reverend” defiling little ones, it’s all H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks rightly breaking loose from the ranks of the ink-stained wretches and talking heads. When the reprobate is merely a government-paid pedagogue? It might get some attention. Or maybe not.

Now, any Lame Stream Media flacks who fear they are opening themselves up to charges of favoritism or journalistic double-dealing can cheer up—we have a possible solution for their predicament! Since upwards of 80%of Kenyan citizens profess themselves Catholic or Protestant believers, it’s likely most of the perverts are “Christians”—not the authentic, Jesus-Is-Lord, live-in-obedience-to-God’s-commands variety, mind you, but cultural, born-that-a-way types. A technically acceptable, above-the-fold banner, therefore, could be: “Outbreak of Child Molestation Among Kenyan Christians!” or, “In Kenya, Christians on Child-Raping Rampage!” Y’see? The poobahs of the planet’s press get a two-fer here: a way to maintain a superficial consistency in exposing pedophiles while indulging their relish for trashing all things Jesus-oriented.

Okay, a minor hitch: 10% of the Kenyan populace identifies as Muslim. So, at minimum it’s expected a handful of the deviants will end up being alleged followers of Allah. It was an Islamic teacher, for example, who secretly abused 13 boys until he infected them with a disease, prompting one lad’s parents finally to contact a clinic.

What’s your typical, Christo-phobic news-hack to do?

Well, he could simply overlook the inconvenient details—that is, any bit of datum that doesn’t make the RC church, or any Christian institution for that matter, look as skeevy as possible. That should be particularly easy in this instance since the MSM is in the deeply-ingrained habit not only of dissing anything connected with historic Christianity, but of making excuses for the peccadilloes of Muslim bad boys, as well. Whether we’re talking about obnoxious, New York City/Ground Zero Mosque building, the threatening of “infidels,” or the bullying imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims, the establishment media’s watchdogs regularly give a pass to aficionados of Islam. And scarcely cut a break to the “We-Love-Jesus” set.

It’s not that the MSM doesn’t care about children. It’s just that sometimes they seem to care more about maximally dumping on, in whatever manner possible, those awful people who take their Christianity seriously.