Rush Limbaugh: Vote Fraud Essential to Democrats

Giving insight as only the Great Maha Rushie can, Rush Limbaugh put some sunlight on yet another scheme to interfere in America’s ability to self-govern by left-wing billionaire George Soros.  Rush points out that even a small influx of cash into your state Secretary of State race can make a huge difference.  Something to ponder.

RUSH LIMBAUGH, HOST:  Let me illustrate for you just how essential vote fraud is to the Democrat Party.  George Soros sank a lot of money into a project called the Secretary of State Project, starting in 2006.  Have you ever heard of the Secretary of State Project? (interruption) That’s why you’re the screener and why I am the host.  The Secretary of State Project had a goal, and the goal was to put as many Democrats into the offices of secretary of state in the states as possible because they’re the ones who adjudicate all of the vote fraud cases.  They are the ones who count the votes.  The secretary of state.  The secretary of state, in all of the states, is the guy or the woman who decide on claims of voter fraud.

This is how we got Al Franken as a Senator from Minnesota.  A Democrat secretary of state determined the vote count, how it was going to happen, when it was gonna stop, what votes were valid and what votes weren’t.  You know where they got the idea for this?  They got the idea for the Secretary of State Project shortly after the 2004 election when a bunch of Democrats thought they lost Ohio, thought that John Kerry lost Ohio because of Ken Blackwell, who was the Republican secretary of state in Ohio.  Now, the haughty Kerry (who once served in Vietnam) lost Ohio by 55,000 votes, and they’re running around saying, “Man, if he’d-a had those 55,000 votes, why, we’d-a won! We’d-a won! We’d-a won the election in 2004.”

It reminded me of the Democrat convention in San Francisco 1984. I was sent out there to cover it. The radio station I was working for wanted to get me outta town and get off the air my commentary. So they sent me out there to do so-called coverage, and I went to a cocktail party, a Democrat bigwig cocktail party some hotel. Dick Gephardt was there from Missouri. I went up and said hi, accidentally had some food come out of my mouth when I was talking to him.  I apologized for it, and I ran into… (interruption) It’s not spit. You know how chicken fingers somehow you get some crumbs in there and you’re speaking and pshew! it flies out of there like that? It’s totally accidental. (interruption)  I did not spit on Dick Gephardt!  I did not spit.  It was an accident.

It’s like stage spit.  You know what stage spit is?  It’s part of performing.  You know, I was so excited to see Gephardt, that’s what I told him, that I didn’t swallow before starting to speak to him.  He smiled.  And after I ran into a Democrat Party bigwig from Sikeston, Missouri, 30 miles south of my hometown in Cape Girardeau. We’re talking seriously about the election. This is the convention where they nominated Mondull.  And this guy from Sikeston, a family friend of ours and a nice guy, actually said: “You spot me 75, a hundred electoral votes, I can win this election.”  I said, “Well, isn’t that what it’s all about? (laughing) Spot you 75 or a hundred electoral votes?” So John Kerry, with a 55,000 vote deficit blaming Ken Blackwell for it, the secretary of state.

So that’s where the Secretary of State Project got started, and it was rigged. The founder is a bunch of Democrats and George Soros sunk a lot of money into this.  They raised a total of, I think, $500,000 for the 2006 secretary of state candidates that they supported.  Now, most Americans don’t understand the importance of the secretary of state.  I mean, what’s a secretary of state? Most people don’t know what Hillary does except get out of town during elections.  Secretary of state generally… Most people think the secretary of state flies over and mediates disputes between the Israelis and Palestinians and goes to funerals.  It’s even less knowledge of what a state secretary of state does.

They have no clue.  So, you know, people running for that office don’t draw very much attention, not very many donations.  Consequently, even a modest injection of cash into those races can elect and be the determining factor in who wins.  And so this idea was to get as many Democrats in that position. Regardless who the governor was, regardless the state legislature, get a Democrat holding office as the secretary of state, and then charge vote fraud, do all kinds of things, and have that person be the one who determines the outcome.  Now, this is a party. This indicates, illustrates how essential vote fraud is to the Democrat Party, and it’s exactly how we ended up with Al Franken.

So keep a sharp eye on all — and remember, now, what spawned it was not cheating.  They just got the idea.  Ken Blackwell refused to have recounts and some places. I forget what it was, but 55,000 votes in the state, that is not close but the Democrats thought they got the shaft in Ohio.  What they really said was, “If the secretary of state had been a Democrat we might have been able to swing that state for Kerry and won the presidency.”  That’s what they realized.  So you people keep a sharp eye on secretary of state elections in your state and practically reflexively, automatically vote Republican in every damn one of them, regardless whatever else is going on in the state.