La. Lt. Gov. says Dem Bias Caused Switch to GOP (VIDEO)

In what will be a likely new trend after the Nov. 2 elections, the Louisiana lieutenant governor has left the Democratic Party voicing grave concerns over the extreme left philosophy of the national party. 

At the Louisiana Republican Leadership Summit on Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle entered the building a Democrat, switching parties at the summit, speaking in detail about his reasons for choosing the Republican Party.  

As reported in The Hayride, Angelle’s primary reason for switching parties is the Democrats’ anti-energy bias:

He began his speech by stressing the value of Louisiana as a primary American energy provider, detailing the capabilities of Louisiana to produce, refine, and ship natural gas and oil to every state of the union.  A significant moment came when he described his decision to switch parties.  He said that the primary reason for his change of affiliation was the damage national Democrats were causing to the Louisiana middle class.  He went on to say that, “the national Democrats have a bias against the oil and gas energy,” and that bias was led to the moratorium, which he said did not hurt company shareholders nearly as much as it hurt Louisiana workers.

He made some very interesting and accurate arguments about the state of the American economy in regards to the environment and energy.  Angelle called these three components the “three E’s.”  He described the situation in Washington perfectly, saying that national Democrats were treating the “Three E’s” independently of one another when in fact they are entirely interdependent.  Angelle went on to say that in order for the economy to prosper, each of these aspects must be treated as one entity.  He said that the key to economic growth is an increase in available and cheap energy combined with private investment.  Backing up these claims, he provided the fact that each of America’s past six recessions has been preceded by a sharp rise in energy costs.

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