I Voted Early For The Holy Spirit

I voted early in the 2010 midterm elections. I cast my ballot during my lunch break yesterday.

Since I live in liberal Washington, D.C., my vote only mattered for my D.C. Council member, as Republicans have a strong candidate this year in Dave Hedgepeth.

For the other local officials, I voted for the few token Republican candidates.  If there was no Republican, I used the write-in option. 

So, I voted for the Holy Spirit for D.C. Mayor, Chairman of the City Council and At-Large member of the City Council.

This year, more states than ever before are using early voting, giving citizens the option to avoid long lines on elections day and cast their ballots in the week before the election.  Early voting and absentee ballots give voters a convenient option, but also create more potential for voter fraud and error.

Reports of broken voting machines and fraudulent ballots are coming from Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

In Nevada, voters said that Harry Reid (D) was pre-selected on the electronic voting machine in the Senate race against Sharron Angle (R). The same voting machines are serviced by members of the Service Employees International Union, a huge Reid backer. Angle’s attorney said that “teachers’ union representatives were offering Starbucks cards to people to get them to vote for Harry Reid.”

President’s Obama’s home state of Illinois – where he voted early by absentee ballot —has a new policy this year in which anyone can vote early by mail. The Illinois Democratic Party has allegedly disenfranchised thousands of voters by tricking them into sending their vote-by-mail requests to their office, instead of the election office. 

Also in Illinois, over one-third of local election offices did not send the military their absentee ballots by the federal deadline. The Justice Department stepped in and ordered the deadline be extended. Others have received mail ballots with their wrong birth date, making them invalid.

In North Carolina, the electronic voting machine automatically completed the ballots to vote for all the Democrats.

In Pennsylvania, several citizens filed a petition with the Board of Elections accusing the campaign manager for Patrick Murphy (D) of coordinating fraudulent absentee ballots.

The Democrats are cheating because they are losing, big time. The Republican National Committee has a strong absentee ballot get-out-the-vote campaign this year. As a result, the absentee and early voting returns across the country so far this year are favoring the GOP.

In Colorado, Republicans have already cast 19,616 more votes than the Democrats, which translates into a 5% lead.

In blue state Pennsylvania, the Democrats have 14% more registered voters, but the GOP is leading in absentee ballots by 19% already.

In North Carolina, the Republicans are closing the gap in registration by getting more voters to cast early ballots. The GOP makes up 32% of voters in the state, but 37% of early voters.
In Florida, the GOP is currently ahead of the Democrats by 200,000 absentee ballots. Compare this year to 2008 when the numbers were reversed, and the Democrats has a 3000,000 lead going into Election Day.

So despite the Democrats shenanigans to cheat early voters, the Republicans are ahead in the key races. If your state has the early voting option, take advantage of the convenience and cast your ballot this week. The country is speaking loud and clear that the era of tax and spend liberal government will end on November 3.

I hope that the Holy Spirit is a virtual write-in candidate in all Americans’ ballots in 2010.