America's Opportunity for Jobs, Paychecks and Restoring Freedom

In just six days, Americans will determine the outcome of one of the most historic elections in our lifetime. The question is, which path will we choose?  

Will we seize the opportunity to elect job-creators and a Republican Party of paycheck policies that will get Americans back to work? Or will we allow the Democratic Party of food stamps to continue imposing their big-government, job-killing policies that have kept us in the longest recession since the Great Depression? 

The choice is ours.  

Between today and Tuesday, we have the power to exercise one of our greatest rights as American citizens and vote to put America back on track to becoming the safest, most prosperous, and freest country in the world. 

The Power of 10

Don’t leave it to chance. 

To win, we need every American who wants to put a stop to the Pelosi-Reid job-killing agenda to vote. Ten million voters was the number of voters it took for the Republicans to win the majority in 1994, and it was the number of voters it took for Democrats to win back Congress in 2006. It’s the Power of Ten. 

We need a decisive victory. Please go to and make a commitment to yourself and to your country that you will recruit 10 people to vote for candidates who will support job-creating policies on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, we will visit the final three cities of the American Solutions “Jobs Here, Jobs Now” nationwide tour.  We’ll be in Jacksonville, FL, Duluth, GA and Greenville, SC to rally voters for Tuesday’s historic election.  

Visit for the full schedule, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday is Our Opportunity 

With your votes and a mandate from the American people, the next Congress can repeal and replace Obamacare.  They can make sure that Cap and Trade never sees the light of day.  And they can stop the impending tax increase set for early next year.

But undoing what’s been done by the party that’s offered little more than food stamps is only the beginning.  

A decisive victory will allow the party of paycheck policies with majorities in the House and Senate to set the agenda for prosperity by cutting taxes, cutting spending, setting priorities, and beginning the process of returning our government to the Constitutional limits set by our Founding Fathers. 

By keeping government small and the American people big, we can achieve our potential by freeing the entrepreneurial American spirit that has made us the most successful and prosperous civilization in human history.  

Today, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine believes the opposite – making government big and the American people small. With a record 42 million Americans on food stamps this summer, it is clear that they are working hard to make this vision a reality.  

The truth is that the Pelosi-Reid Congress is hurting the poor, not helping them, making their situation worse, not better.

As government power has increased, freedom has decreased.

America’s success has been historically defined by the individuals, private charities and churches that provide ideas and services for themselves and their fellow citizens. On the other hand, the Pelosi-Reid Congress today chooses to ignore history and believes they must consolidate power in Washington by taxing your money and spending it where they, not you, see fit. 

We know that government cannot provide to the human being what is truly needed.

And so the next six days are our opportunity.

They are our opportunity to put power back into the hands of American citizens and job-creators in Congress; our opportunity to have more Americans earning paychecks not food stamps; and our opportunity to remind government that our rights come from our Creator – not the President, Congress or any one judge – and cannot be taken away. 

With your commitment to vote this Tuesday, we will save America for our generation, and most importantly, for our children and grandchildren. 


Breast Cancer Research Foundation

We are pleased to announce our new “Charity of the Month” series to call to your attention each month a charity that is worthy of your support. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Every 69 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies of breast cancer. She may be somebody’s mother or daughter, a beloved wife, a sister, or a friend. 

Seventeen years ago, Evelyn Lauder decided to launch an initiative that would combat this very problem. She understood the vital need for increased breast cancer funding, and in 1993, established The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She firmly believed in the growing need for clinical and genetic research devoted to the study of breast cancer, as well as the importance of supporting the women and families afflicted with the disease around the world. 

Today, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation lives out its mission to “achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide, and increasing public awareness about good breast health” (Breast Cancer Research Foundation). BCRF is the only cancer organization to receive the American Institute of Philanthropy’s A+ rating – the highest rating possible for a charitable organization. 

Since its founding, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has radically increased the number of projects that it funds; the organization supports 170 researchers based out of 10 different countries, and its programs extend to 28 countries worldwide. BCRF has invested more than $285 million in breast cancer research, with 88% of all donation dollars going directly to breast cancer research grants and awareness programs. In 2002, the organization expanded its advocacy role, working to enhance preventive measures while continuing its mission to find a permanent cure. Furthermore, in 2005 BCRF founded the Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium (TBCRC), which unifies and aligns the research initiatives of fourteen leading breast cancer research centers in the United States, utilizing cutting-edge biological science and clinical trials to work against the spread of breast cancer. 

BCRF has been instrumental in propelling multiple advances in breast cancer research. Its funding supported the 2003 discovery of breast cancer stem cells – cells responsible for the growth and spread of breast cancers – and worked to personalize drug treatment therapies that increase women’s survival chances and quality of life. The organization equips scientists with the resources to study the 1300 human genes related to breast cancer. BCRF has also donated time and money to the study of breast cancer issues in patients over age 65, a population often overlooked in clinical trials and research studies. However, women at 65 still have a 20 year life expectancy, and BCRF believes they deserve the same attention and care that is dedicated to younger women. 

Thanks to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s investments in research, more lives have been saved, and breast cancer patients have received dramatically better care. Today, there are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., the largest group of cancer survivors in the country.

However, there’s more progress to be made. Scientists still do not know what causes breast cancer and are aggressively pursuing prevention measures. According to The Wall Street Journal, “In October 2010, BCRF will award $33 million to over 170 scientists across the United States and in Australia, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East, and throughout Europe, for innovative new directions in translational and clinical research on breast cancer prevention and treatment” (WSJ).   

Public health indicators suggest that 70% of breast cancer patients will reside in developing countries by the year 2020. As the first private breast cancer organization to fund international breast cancer research, BCRF has dedicated itself to ensuring high quality care in these countries over the past several years. It has helped raise women’s self-awareness globally and improved diagnosis, prevention, and treatment in South America, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Please help further the cause. Save a life. Join us in supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And don’t forget, we need you to bring 10 people with you to the polls on Tuesday. 

Together we can advance the cause of freedom and restore America to her rightful place.

Your Friends,

Newt and Callista Gingrich

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