AUDIO: Impeaching Justice Roberts?

It’s come to this: Democrats are so desperate at trying to mobilize the left wing of their base to prevent an electoral bloodbath next week that one congressman is actually promising to impeach Justice John Roberts from the Supreme Court. Why? Because Roberts allegedly “perjured” himself in the Citizens United case when he, along with four of his colleagues, struck down portions of campaign finance law as unconstitutional. You see, Roberts wasn’t acting as an objective “umpire,” but as an activist, flippantly overturning precedent to quench his conservative worldview. Or whatever the little voices inside the Democrats’ heads are saying. 

The Representative making the pledge is Oregon’s Peter DeFazio. This kooky Democrat told a local radio station that he’s working with fellow liberal lawmakers to “prepare articles of impeachment against Roberts, researching what he said in his confirmation hearings.”

“I think he probably perjured himself.”

Listen to the audio yourself and hear the narrative: It’s not that voters have given liberals and their agenda the middle finger.  Nope: It’s that John Roberts’s Court hijacked our democracy! 

In any event, fat chance that most elected Democrats would rally behind DeFazio’s absurd proposal. For starters, the Left has pushed through many landmark agenda items (e.g. Roe v. Wade) via activist Court justices. There’s no way they’d initiate a precedent that would allow the GOP to pursue impeachment hearings of their own once they retake the majority. After all, liberals are counting on Sotomayor, Kagan, and their ilk to legislate from the bench. 

Moreover, Justice Roberts’s lead in gutting McCain-Feingold was not activism; it was restraint on government overreach, which is exactly what the Supreme Court should be doing. Individuals have the First Amendment right to organize through incorporations to make political statements. For all the bellyaching from the Left over the Citizens United case, what it involved in its simplest form was the Federal Elections Committee’s telling a conservative organization that it couldn’t show a negative movie about Hillary Clinton during an election season. That’s clearly unconstitutional. 

And Democrats know this. But they’ll need a post-mortem election excuse, and we know what it will be: The conservative “activist” Supreme Court paved the way for the Chamber of Commerce, foreigners, and outside spending groups to steal the election. 

The ensuing bloodbath, mind you, will have nothing to do with the unpopularity of the stimulus, the bailouts, or ObamaCare.