Those Dirty Democrats

With less than two weeks to go until Nancy Pelosi’s House is “foreclosed” on her and her Democratic cronies, the vitriol is frothing to a point of no return. In a year of electorate unrest, candidates are trying everything and anything to gain traction against their competition in the polls. From mudslinging to “witch-hunts,” the candidates know no bounds. But, there is one common thing that separates the Republicans from the Democrats this election season: issues.

The Democrats have been the ones who, with a mandate after the 2008 election, contributed and exacerbated the economic crisis. Barack promised unification, but has divided. The Democrats slammed a healthcare travesty down our throats without any hesitation or consideration and thought that the American people would just take it. But, as polls show, we simply won’t. The Democrats have no agenda and with their backs against the wall, they must lash out and denigrate and smear their way to Election Day, in the hopes of preventing an outright slaughter.

I am reminded of the great philosopher Bob Dylan who once said, “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” And that’s exactly what the Democrats are going to do.

The personal attacks from Democrats know no bounds. The California governor’s race springs to mind as a classic example of the leftist media’s sickening double-standard towards women. Republican candidate Meg Whitman was called a “whore” by one of Democratic candidate and former Gov. Jerry Brown’s aides during a phone conversation recorded by a voicemail system between Brown and the Los Angeles Police Protective League, who was considering endorsing Whitman at the time. Granted, Brown rightfully apologizes, but it is the National Organization of Women’s (NOW) California chapter that should draw the ire of anyone that is of voting age in the state of California.

For an organization that claims to “take action to bring about equality for all women” and “eradicate sexism” to come out and ENDORSE Jerry Brown literally a day after the recorded message came to light is simply uncalled for and inexcusable.

I must include part of NOW’s statement on Brown’s endorsement for the purpose of showcasing NOW’s lunacy: “As Governor, Mayor, and Attorney General, Jerry Brown has promoted and defended women’s rights,” said California NOW President Patty Bellasalma.

If Brown actually cared about issues important to Californians such as trying to pull the Golden State out of the fiscal apocalypse it has been in for years and not let exacerbate this charade, he would have not accepted this endorsement from an organization that exists for the sole purpose of smearing and promoting a leftist agenda.

You’d think the Left would have some decency and not attack a man’s religion, since they are the “party of compassion.” But, alas, they did so anyway in the race for the Senate in Kentucky. In the debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway, the Democrat Conway, who has trailed in the polls by large margins since the primary, diverted the attention of voters away from the issues and to an absurd notion that Paul belonged to a secret society and supposedly kidnapped a woman and forced her to worship a god named “Aqua Buddha.”

Rightly, Paul refused to shake Conway’s hand and condemned his attacks during the debate by saying, “We will try to keep the debate on a higher tone. I hope he will leave my church, my family and my religion out of it.”

That’s exactly right. In a year where the American electorate is completely fed up with Washington’s politics-as-usual mentality of nasty partisanship and gridlock, Rand Paul is a shining example of the way to handle the Left’s desperate attempts to paint the Right as radicals.

As we saw with NOW, the Left is pulling in all the special interest groups to help prevent a November 2 blowout. Most recently, the NAACP plans to release a “report” that details “various associations between Tea Party organizations and acknowledged hate groups in the United States.” Really? This old trick again? Remember when the media tried to say that the Tea Partiers screamed racial slurs at Rep. John Lewis during a rally in D.C.?

Even some of Lewis’ colleagues in Congress that were with him at the alleged moment the slur was said, acknowledged that nothing vile was said. Simply remarkable. Like NOW, it’s stunning to see these organizations whose existence is solely to promote equality do the exact opposite.

The Rand Paul, Jerry Brown and NAACP attacks aren’t the sole incidents. Alan Grayson’s “Taliban Dan” smear and the totally unsubstantiated accusation from the DNC that the Chamber of Commerce is taking money from foreign interests and using it to “steal our democracy” are other notable gems from the Left doing their own version of “stealing democracy” by throwing up smoke screens in front of the American voter and taking them away from the issues that the Democrats simply can’t compete against.