McConnell: 'GOP Leadership United to Repeal Obamacare'

Much back and forth has gone on this week over whether Republicans are committed to the repeal of the government takeover of health care known as Obamacare. 

The so-called mainstream media has gotten into the act in an effort to suppress Republican voter turnout.  Having a great deal invested in the Obama façade they created, the media is once again in full protect mode trying to help Democrats avoid an out-and-out slaughter on Nov. 2.

The only way to suppress GOP turnout is if disheartened voters believe their efforts to expel Democrats won’t make a difference in policy.  And the “non-partisan” media is doing everything it can to give that impression.

One example came late yesterday when the Associated Press (AP) wire service reported that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was willing to work with the White House to compromise on the repeal of Obamacare.

Having reported earlier in the day a McConnell statement to radio talk show host Laura Ingraham on October 7 that McConnell was committed to a full repeal of the bill, we asked for a clarification from the Republican Leader’s office. 

Sen. McConnell responded.

“While we were unable to block the Democrats from passing the health spending bill—the single worst piece of legislation that’s passed since I’ve been in the Senate—the Republican leadership in the House and Senate is committed to its repeal. While Democrats will filibuster our efforts, and if we’re successful the President will veto, I believe we should give them that opportunity. We should vote, again, for repeal,” McConnell told HUMAN EVENTS.  “Americans have spoken out, loud and clear, and we heard them. Repeal is part of the Pledge to America, and the Republican leadership is united in that effort.”

Nothing ambiguous about that—which prompted closer scrutiny of the AP report.

The headline screams “GOP leader hopes to work with Obama on some issues” and the AP’s lede paragraph states, “The Senate’s top Republican says President Barack Obama and a more-Republican Congress could join to pass laws on trade and spending policy and make changes to the health care overhaul if the administration listens to voters on Election Day.”

Yet the only direct quote the story offers from McConnell says nothing about compromise or even a desire to merely make changes to Obamacare in lieu of full repeal.

“I can’t believe he’s going to continue to ignore the wishes of the American people if his party has a very bad day Nov. 2,” McConnell is directly quoted in the AP report Wednesday. “If he pivots and wants to work with us, obviously I’d be happy to talk to him.”

The key word there in my view would be “pivot” and that change in direction would have to come from the President, according to the AP McConnell quote.

Yet the story continues on with quotes from a White House spokesman stating that the President would welcome the Republicans kneeling before Obama.

“White House spokesman Bill Burton said Obama ‘is eager to work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, who wants to work together to meet the challenges facing our country,’” the AP reports.

“After two years of partisan posturing and parliamentary roadblocks, it would be a welcome change if Sen. McConnell were to embrace the politics of cooperation and problem-solving,” Burton added. Given the heated campaign trail rhetoric by Republican candidates vowing to overturn the health care law, for example, “we’ll wait and see.”

The article fails to note that roadblocks from Democrats have been the issue blocking an even more extreme Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda all along.  Until the election of Scott Brown to fill the Senate seat long held by the late Teddy Kennedy, Republicans have not had the votes to block anything. Democrats had to resort to parliamentary trickery to shove Obamacare through the Senate using an arcane budget reconciliation boondoggle on Christmas Eve last year.

Yet the AP deliberately gives the impression through White House quotes and vague generalizations of what they say McConnell said in the remainder of the article.  There is no direct quote from McConnell in the entire piece saying the GOP is willing to compromise on repeal of Obamacare (or any other specific issue for that matter).  If they had a clean, direct quote, they would have printed it.

The AP goes on to proffer that Republicans may have no other choice than to compromise with the hard left agenda of President Obama.  We didn’t notice the same demands being made of the new Democrat majority to work with President Bush when they won back the majority in Congress in 2006.

You can read the full breadth of sophistry in the AP report at the link. 

What is being intentionally mis-reported and presented as policy is what happens in any machinations post-filibuster or after a presidential veto of full repeal of Obamacare.  Republican leaders say they will use different means to block implementation of elements and funding of Obamacare should Democrats choose to again ignore the will of the people and fall on the Obamacare sword yet again. 

McConnell is plainly on record here at HUMAN EVENTS saying the entire GOP leadership is committed to repealing Obamacare. 

The American people are watching and bleeding at the wallet as a result of the extreme Obama agenda, including skyrocketing health insurance prices as a direct result of Obamacare. 

Republicans will be held accountable to voters in primaries in 2012 and beyond should they fail to keep a constant vigil to block funding and implementation until full repeal of Obamacare can be achieved.

Until that time, Nov. 2 looms large.