Barney Frank's 'Dude' Problem

Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) is so freaked out over his boyfriend’s behavior and his own election troubles that he’s attempting to be nice to people, according to a columnist at the very liberal Boston Globe.

When Frank’s boyfriend Jim Ready was caught on tape heckling Frank’s Republican challenger Sean Bielat, Globe columnist Brian McGrory reports he phoned the liberal icon to ask if he condoned Ready’s behavior. (h/t Ace of Spades)

From the Globe report:

When I called Frank yesterday to ask if he condones his partner goading and mocking an opponent, he told me that “Jimmy’’ is a talented amateur photographer putting together a photo essay of the campaign.

When I asked if Frank planned to apologize for Ready’s behavior, Frank said: “Jim should have broken it off and not responded. But Bielat shouldn’t have initiated the conversation. I don’t see what was inappropriate about taking his picture.’’

I’ll mark that down as a no.

A few moments later, my phone rang again. It was Frank, adding, “Jim’s new to political campaigning. He takes it more personally than someone who’s used to it.”

After we hung up, Frank called again, saying, “You know, he calls me dude. I didn’t realize that was troubling people. He calls all sorts of people dude.”

There’s a larger point to all of this. For the last three decades, the political establishments in Boston and Washington have excused Frank’s consistently obnoxious behavior as Barney being Barney. Maybe they’ve done it because he was unique as an openly gay congressman. Maybe it was out of deference for the way he unapologetically and effectively carried the flag for the most liberal of causes. Maybe it was out of fear that he’d train his quick wit and substantial intellect against anyone who happened in his path.

What a difference a year makes.

In August of 2009, the mean-spirited, arrogant, condescending liberal’s disdain for his own constituents was on full display at a town hall meeting at Dartmouth College.  He insulted and belittled his constituents, even asking one woman what planet she was from. 

What appears beyond the grasp of a few of our more arrogant, self-styled rulers such as Frank is basically this: the voter frustration on display at town hall meetings from coast to coast was based in the simple fact our representatives have forgotten that they work for us, not the other way around. 

Barney Frank was not elected to run my life or anybody else’s.  Yet drunk with power, he’s nearly bankrupted this country with his dangerous, bungled attempts at social engineering.


Barney Frank in his own words ignoring the warning signs about the housing collapse.

If you haven’t donated money to his challenger Sean Bielat, you’re behind the curve.  Barney Frank could very well lose this election.  And he knows it.

It’s up to you.