Multiculturalism's Threat to Western Civilization

By its very name, multiculturalism is antithetical to a monoculture. Therefore, instead of encouraging pride in the norms and traditions of a nation, it teaches citizens of a given nation that it is wrong to cling only to certain norms and traditions. This, in turn, creates a sense of shame sufficient to keep most individuals from defending the very norms and traditions they’ve watched their countrymen die for on the battlefield or live for in the streets.

Through such tactics, multiculturalism sucks the life out of the monocultural foundations of Western Civilization, leaving her weaker and more susceptible to implosion than she was in days gone by.

Fortunately, it appears that Germany’s leadership is starting to wake up to the dangers that lie behind the false promises of multiculturalism.

On October 17, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said multiculturalism was kaput in Deutschland. She said that although generations of Germans had “kidded” themselves into believing the influx of non-assimilating immigrants into Germany would somehow benefit the country, reality dictated it was actually a recipe for cultural and national suicide.

While Merkel made it clear that the German people had spent decades fully committed to the cultivation of a multicultural society in which Germans said “let’s adopt the multicultural concept and live happily side by side, and be happy to be living with each other,” they’ve learned that multiculturalism is detrimental because it excuses immigrants from integrating into society.

How can immigrants appreciate a society’s norms and traditions when such norms and traditions are shunned as bigoted, narrow-minded, or too exclusive by multiculturalists?

And in what should be one of many “shots heard round the world,” Merkel also highlighted the fact that Muslim immigrants are particularly problematic in Germany: many of whom live in cities like Berlin without acclimation, and, according to Bavarian State Premier Horst Seehofer, have “no productive function other than selling fruit and vegetables.”

Seehofer also indicated that Muslim immigrants are “conquering Germany in the same way as Kosovars conquered Kosovo—with a high birth rate.” (For more on this tactical use of birth rates to overtake a country, see Mark Steyn’s America Alone.)

This is a battle of cultures plain and simple. Right before our eyes rests the example of how multiculturalism weakened German culture and now threatens to destroy it. And it has given birth to a situation where tempers are starting to flare, as exemplified by former central banker Thilo Sarrazin’s assertion that Muslim immigrants are “lowering the intelligence of German society.”

Yet while we watch this battle rage, and see German’s fighting to retain their identity as a people, we must remember that we too are at risk. Although America may still be Western Civilization’s shiniest light, she is not immune to wandering too far down the same path Germany has trod.

Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with Merkel in her efforts to save Germany and at the same time remember the fight is not hers alone.