MTV Dude to Obama: "Why Should We Vote You Back In????

In what may be one of the best examples we’ve seen thus far that he’s losing his juice, Obama actually got grilled by an MTV crowd. MTV for Pete’s sake! After seeing this clip, here’s a hint of what your reaction will be: Adam Hunter for President, 2035.

“So, my question to you is: Why should we still support you going forward with your monetary and economic policies, and if the economy does not improve over the next two years, why should we vote you back in?”

Naturally, Obama lays the economic clusterfark all on Bush’s lap, even though, as the precocious Adam Hunter pointed out, this President has racked up trillion dollar deficits for two years in a row, all with the promise that by spending such unseemly amounts of cash, the economy would stabilize. But that’s the Obama way: Blame Bush.

So there’s that.

How about the dumbest question at the MTV forum? I was debating picking the one from some chick who asked Obama what he was going to do to ban ‘Internet bullying,’ but I decided to go with this one instead:

From the twitter handle @melanirenee, “Dear President Obama, do you think being gay or trans is a choice?”

Um, seriously? You have one question for POTUS, and you ask him his thoughts on trannies?

Oh my.

Then there was MTV’s asking the audience to “tweet” their greatest fears and their greatest hopes with the possibility that it would be read on-air by one of the hosts. Hilariously, two of the “greatest fears” submissions that the network picked were complete slams on Barack.

“My greatest fear is that we’re turning into a Communist country,” went one. “My greatest fear is that Obama will be re-elected,” proclaimed another.

And these were read right to Obama’s face. Ha!

Hey, maybe the kids are right after all.