The Thrill Is Gone

If you are Democrat in Washington, I’m sorry. I certainly wouldn’t want to be you right now. Your political life hangs by a thread, with the American electorate holding the scissors, ready to cut you down on November 2. It has reached such a perilous point that even some of you have told President Obama to stay home and to not come out on the campaign trail and spread his “change” to your electorate.

And, even some of you like Representatives Bobby Bright, Roy Herron (hoping to replace Blue Dog Democrat Rep. John Tanner), & Rep. Peter DeFazio have gone on out on a limb and said you won’t support Pelosi as speaker if the Democrats somehow hold on to the majority come January. (DeFazio, to be fair, believes there will be resistance to Pelosi if Democrats get obliterated on Nov. 2.)

Plus, I have some breaking news for you: You remember that all-important youth vote that carried many of you, including your President, to sweeping victories only 23 months ago? Yeah, according to some recent polls, they’re gone.

Barack: save your town halls. P-Diddy: save your Vote or Die. MTV: save your Choose or Lose, because the thrill is gone.

Today is the MTV/BET/CMT hour long Barry love-fest starting at 4 p.m. on those three networks, plus streamed online at the respective websites. It is a free hour for the President to make the case again to the young voter that his bloated stimulus packages have worked and the jobs, because of the spending, will come back. But, latest polls have shown that the young voter that fell head over heels for the Illinois senator in 2008 is leaving the President faster then Barack would have liked.

An Associated Press-mtvU poll found 44% of students approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing, while 27% are unhappy with the way the country is going. Granted 44% isn’t all that bad, but when it’s compared to the same poll conducted in May of 2009 where Obama received a whopping 60% job approval rating, while only 15% saw him gave a negative opinion of him, that is a startling drop. Coupled with the fact that The Washington Examiner reported that Obama’s short trip across town to George Washington University for a town hall event on Tuesday required a little “astroturfing,” has cause for great concern for the Democrats come fall.

As they reported on Wednesday, there were 120 people allowed into the event, but only 20 were from the university. And, guess where the other 100 came from? Yeah, if you said “Organizing for America,” Obama’s political organization you’d be the winner. Now, I’m all for pre-screening a few questions, it’s been going on for decades in political rallies and events like these, but come on! For the “cool” and “hip” President to have to bus in his own “friendlies,” is simply pathetic & desperate and should show not only the young voter, but the electorate at large, that these Democrats who were going to steward “change” and usher in the most ethical Congress in history are completely asleep at the wheel and unable to remotely keep a campaign promise.

I was a part of the record youth vote in 2008, and watched first hand the love affair with Obama explode not only on my campus, but around the country. I was also the first class of seniors to graduate into the worst job market in the history of our country. Many of the students I spoke to during that campaign thought Obama was going to turn the job market around and be handing out jobs to the masses once he got on the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. Wasn’t he going to bring the change we needed?