Obama is Scared of a 'Witch'

President Obama and Vice President Biden are both going to Delaware on Friday to campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons.

The rare joint political appearance by Obama and Biden shows that the Democrats are worried about losing the Senate seat to Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in the November 2 election.

“Other than visiting the factories he’s closed or the unemployed he’s created, I can’t for the life of me fathom why the ultra-liberal President Obama would come to Delaware to campaign at taxpayer expense for the hyper-liberal Coons. Must be one heck of a thousand dollar a plate lunch,” O’Donnell campaign manager Matthew Moran said to HUMAN EVENTS.

O’Donnell’s strong campaign has surprised the Democrats enough to bring in the big guns—Obama and Biden—to raise campaign cash for Coons. Biden has been to his home state of Delaware twice before to campaign for Coons.

“President Obama’s visit to Delaware only reminds voters of the tax hikes, reckless spending, and out-of-control debt Chris Coons would no doubt rubberstamp if sent to Washington,” Chris Bond of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) said to HUMAN EVENTS.

O’Donnell won a surprise victory in the Republican primary over establishment choice, Rep. Mike Castle (R.-Del.). Sarah Palin’s support of O’Donnell and the Tea Party voter turnout were large factors in the upset win.

Castle has refused to endorse anyone in the Senate race, but told CNN Wednesday, that the strength of the Tea Party cannot be underestimated.

“I will give credit to the Tea Party Express people who backed Christine O’Donnell,” Castle told CNN. “They did an effective job of winning the race for her and, you know, they’re probably going to be very effective in setting up the last few weeks of the general election as well, if I had to guess.”

Since the primary, the mainstream media has mocked O’Donnell for comments she made years ago about evolution and an interest in witchcraft.

Despite these attacks, O’Donnell still has 38% of the vote, compared to 54% for Coons, according to a Fox News poll of likely voters. Also, O’Donnell’s campaign says she has raised over $2 million since the primary in September.

On Wednesday, O’Donnell and Coons faced off in a 90-minute debate at the University of Delaware, which was broadcast live on CNN. The debate topics ranged from foreign policy to personal attacks, but the topic of interest to most Americans is the candidates’ views on economic recovery, tax cuts and jobs.

Since the Democratic led congress adjourned without extending the Bush tax cuts, every American will have a tax increase on January 1. The Delaware senate election is a special election to fill VP Joe Biden’s seat, which he vacated in 2008. So, the winner on November 2 will be seated during the lame duck session of congress. Thus, if the Democrats decide to have a vote on the tax hikes during the lame duck session, Coons or O’Donnell will cast an important vote.

In the debate, the two agreed that the Bush tax cuts should be extended for middle class Americans. But, they disagreed on tax hikes for those who the Democrats call the rich, but 50% of whom are actually small business owners who 20-30 million Americans depend on for their jobs.

O’Donnell said that “The best thing the government can do to get our economy back on real economic recovery is to get out of the way of the small business owner, to get out of the way of the entrepreneur.”

“I’m proposing to make sure that the tax cuts for all Delawareans do not expire this January,” she said.
Asked about extending the tax cut, Coons said that, “the value that I will apply is deciding how much to extend — whether it goes up to a million or two million or five million — is that we’ve got a tough choice to make. Every increased tax cut, every extension that’s given leads to increased deficits and adds to the debt.”

“There’s a clear contrast in this race,” said the NRSC’s Bond. “And if voters want to push back against the dangerous direction in which Chris Coons and President Obama want to take our nation, they should elect Christine O’Donnell.”

Seems President Obama really is scared of a “witch”, who may very well be a U.S. Senator in two and a half weeks.