Sword of Freedom, Book of Truth

Last week Guns & Patriots headquarters had the privilege of a visit from’s very own Erick Erickson. If you don’t know Erick you should, and the best way to do that is to get his newsletter Morning Briefing and visit

The first thing I ask any visitor is, “What is your favorite gun?” So I asked Erick and his response was “Remington 870, until Christmas that is.”

Perfect answer, we can continue the meeting.

Erick was in town to promote his new book, Red State Uprising. He was kind enough to autograph my copy. Thanks Erick.

If you are not familiar with his book then here is a link to the Forward. Much to my surprise the book is not a tribute to the Republican Party. Side note: I was once at a party and Michael Steele was there and he was asked to say a few words. Before he ended Steele added “Oh yeah, hey Erick…we have some things to talk about.” Steele did not mean that in a kind way. For you see, Erick says it like it is, no beating around the bush, no sugarcoating, no blather. Erick’s principles do his talking and he sticks to his principles.

This is a book of principles. You will like it. I call it the Book of Truth.

In my office I have a very prized possession. It is a boar sword made by Silver Stag. It is made of a steel blade, brass hilt, and real Elk antler for the handle. She is razor sharp. This isn’t some fake sword or replica – it is genuine. This is important to me; the sword is made in America. Brad Smith at Silver Stag made it for me with one very special touch. On the blade he engraved, When In The Course of Human Events. As you know, or as you should know, that is the first line of the Declaration of Independence. 

It is a sword of American origin by an American craftsman. I call it the Sword of Freedom.

I asked Chris Pascuzzo, Eagle Publishing’s Director of E-business to take a picture of Erick and me and to take a picture of the Book of Truth and the Sword of Freedom.

Now both are in my office as a reminder of Revolutionary War resolve and the revolution that we will be fighting for in the next two years. It is a reminder of how we must stay resolute, principled and focused on a Conservative victory for the next election and beyond.

Stay armed and principled my friends.

To buy a copy of Red State Uprising click here.

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