Violent Video from Cult of Global Warming

A group called 10:10 Global has produced a video called “No Pressure” in which people who don’t go along with a suggestion to cut their carbon footprint are blown up, with blood and guts flying on to the others who did raise their hands in sheep-like obedience to a prophet of the Cult of Global Warming, whether that prophet is a teacher, politician, or sportsman.
Some want to argue that it’s just British humor and we just don’t get it.

You tell me: is this funny?

(Click on the annotations button, just to the right of “CC” below the video, to turn off the screen text.)

This is much more than not funny. It represents how these elitist, tyrannical maniacs really feel. It shows that the “global-warming” movement, indeed the entire environmentalist movement industry of which it is a subset, must not just be opposed, but destroyed.

Sure, there are well-meaning environmentalists. And there were well-meaning Germans in the early 1940s.

But just as well-meaning Germans looked the other way while their murderous leaders eliminated everyone they perceived, in their warped minds, to be part of the problem, the happy squishy recycling biking-to-work hemp-clothes-wearing Prius-driving Boulder, Berkeley, and Manhattan “environmentalists” enable the would-be dictators.

These smug liberals enhance their typical progressive-superiority complex by supporting organizations whose primary goal is the destruction of all that makes modern society a place where sane people are glad to exist, a place where, if we could travel back in time, we would choose to stay rather than living, say, in the Middle Ages.

Indeed, 10:10 is a perfect example, calling for a 10% per year carbon reduction, starting now. That’s a policy which, given current technology, can only be accomplished by destroying non-agrarian economies around the world and condemning hundreds of millions of people to either less wealth or worse poverty than humans have seen for a century.

As political enemies have been destroyed by every horrific dictator throughout history, these groups and their leaders are now exposed as wishing they had the same power that Pol Pot or Chairman Mao had, namely to set their countries back by decades or centuries if that’s what it takes to make people get the message. In this case the message is that plant food (carbon dioxide) is about to kill us all, so we’d better commit suicide to prevent it.

When will people notice that every murderous tyrant of the 20th Century was a man of the Left, that the environmental movement industry is a hydra of the Left, and that the Left is purely utilitarian—willing to say or do anything that gets them closer to their goals? Maybe a few more people will notice now. Of course nobody was actually killed in their movie, but one can all too easily imagine the Al Gores and 10:10 film-makers of the world having a little giggle if a bunch of skeptics did suddenly meet an early death.

Some enviros are already disclaiming approval of or involvement with the 10:10 video, as Paul Chesser describes in one of several important notes about “No Pressure.” But it’s too late. The message of the movie is clear: Get on board with our radical anti-capitalist agenda or die.

10:10 has apologized for the movie, including the utterly pathetic statement, “Oh well, we live and learn.” Sounds like something Albert Speer might have said during his trial at Nuremberg.

Just as Jews often say “never again” regarding their persecution and murder simply because they were Jews, civilized people who love freedom and capitalism—people who remember what East Germany was, what Romania was, what China was, must also say “never again.” Never again will we let madmen who would kill to implement their anti-liberty, anti-human policies in the name of “progress” gain even a shred of a foothold in our society—even if they say they were just kidding around.

It’s time … past time … for the environmentalist industry to be called out as the tyrannical force that it is. “No Pressure” serves a great purpose as a wake-up call. Now I call on every rational American to wake up, to stop contributing a penny to any “environmental” organization, to discourage everyone you know from supporting such groups, and to speak out at every appropriate opportunity against the would-be tyrants wrapped in green clothing.

As for my message to 10:10 Global and their entire fear-mongering climate-change industry: If you hate people so much, there’s one easy thing you can do, in the privacy of your own home, to show your true commitment to your cause. And if you don’t have the single bullet you’ll need, I’ll be happy to give you one.