VIDEO: Politicians, Plastic Surgery and Botox

Since John F. Kennedy made Richard Nixon look old and tired in their 1960 debate, politicians in the modern TV age have worked to keep a youthful appearance. We all know that politicians dye their hair and wear makeup, but the new trend is that our politicians are getting plastic surgery to look young.

Board-certified, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki recently opened the first walk-in Botox clinic in the Washington, D.C., area. 

At the opening, HUMAN EVENTS asked Dr. Hakki and the guests: Which politicians do you think have had plastic surgery? The overwhelming winners were Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) and Vice President Joe Biden.

“Politicians are going to need my help more and more,” Dr. Hakki told me at the opening. “In such a media and looks-driven society, if they come to me, and I make them look younger and feel younger, I think they have a better shot at being reelected.”

At his new medical boutique Luxxery Express, patients do not need an appointment to have Dr. Hakki inject Botox (which freezes the muscles in your face), fillers (which give a full, more youthful face) or other procedures to look younger. 

Dr. Hakki prefaces his professional estimate on political figures who have had plastic surgery with two caveats. He is not these politicians’ doctor and is “not privy to any information that proves it.”

Also, Dr. Hakki emphasizes a philosophy that, “My definition of good plastic surgery is your own mother should see you at Thanksgiving and not know you had plastic surgery.” That said, who does the good doctor think has had plastic surgery?

“I think Nancy Pelosi,” says Hakki.” Just judging by her age, and having seen her over the years, has had something done.”

What does the good doctor think Pelosi had done?

“I think she did have a neck lift” he says, referring to a procedure which pulls aging skin taught. “A very concerted neck lift. I think it was done correctly, and I think it was done well.” 

In his expert opinion, which politicians have had injections of Botox?

“The only person I know as a politician who’s had too much Botox was Joe Biden, right before the presidential debates,” says Dr. Hakki, referring to the 2008 vice presidential election debate.

“When he was talking with Sarah Palin, his facial expressions on the sides were very animated and the central forehead was completely dead. And that gave him a very strange, like, leery look, which I know is not him.”

“I was very disappointed as a plastic surgeon watching him in that debate look like that,” Dr. Hakki says. “I would have counseled him on a more subtle Botox injection. It’s gotta be done so that no one can tell.” 

“If you’re a politician and you want to change, you better not get caught,” adds Dr. Hakki, laughing.