Battling Political Elitism with Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh routinely hits home runs when battling the Left’s intolerance, hypocrisy, and tax-and-spend agenda. But on October 1, he hit a grand slam against what’s eating away at the conservative movement right in our own backyard—political elitism.

Rush addressed his monologue “to those of you who are embarrassed of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell and the Tea Party in general, Sharron Angle, maybe Carl Paladino rubs you the wrong way. You think they’re nuts, they embarrass you. I mean they’re conservatives and they’re Republicans and so are you, but you think they’re a little kooky. You don’t even think they can win.”

He declared, “I want people who have lived lives, who have made mistakes, don’t care who knows it, they’ve learned from them, they’ve made amends, and they have moved on with their lives. I’m tired, frankly, of Republicans throwing candidates under the bus for not being the political equivalent of Mother Teresa or not being professional enough to get elected.”

Amen to that.

Many of us have watched conservative big shots and members of the media elite lash out at Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and others. Why? It’s simple: Despite the fact that Palin, O’Donnell, and Angle sport strong conservative messages, those messages haven’t arrived in the conventional, Beltway-approved packages that appeal to many of Washington’s political elite.

We’ve heard members of the media elite express how great Sarah Palin is—while citing a preliminary disclaimer that they wouldn’t support her for President. Her folksy accent, down-to-earth approach, and willingness to challenge the GOP machine have scared the heck out of stuck-up elitists who seem to care more about the preservation of their political futures than the betterment of our country.

We’ve watched O’Donnell and Angle get labeled as “fringe” and extremist” by big guns who instead support establishment-approved “safe” candidates that have all the appropriate party trimmings.

Rush stated, “I mean I don’t like arrogance wherever I find it. Is it not the professional politician that has created this mess? Is it not the people who look good on TV and who sound good on TV and sound smart on TV and look like Ken dolls and buy hair spray and Botox by the case, is it not those people that have created the problems that we’re in? So when average, ordinary life happens people decide they don’t want to put up with the pros anymore and they want to roll their sleeves up and get involved and try to fix it, why do we demand of them standards that we do not demand of even Obama or Dingy Harry or Robert Byrd?”

Cartoon Courtesy of Brett Noel

The unfortunate reality is that many Americans—principled conservatives included—have bought into the talking points of some in the elite. In doing so, they have been willing to throw the likes of Angle and O’Donnell under the bus for reasons that have nothing to do with policy and everything to do with the fact that they’re not “polished” enough or don’t deliver their lines with an aura that’s the conservative equivalent of Obama’s Ivy-League linguistics.

And who suffers in the end? We do. At the hands of establishment-endorsed “safe” RINOs who support bailouts and “stimulus” projects that don’t stimulate, favor a job-crippling cap-and-tax agenda, and/or have to get their arms twisted to declare that Obama’s healthcare monstrosity should be repealed.

Rush added, “I thought we wanted people in Washington who look like everybody else in America. I thought we want people in Washington who have had negative encounters with the government, the bureaucracy, the oppressive elements of this regime so they can relate to it and stop it.”

If you want to change Washington, it’s time to take a serious look at Washington outsiders—hard-working Americans across this country who have overcome the challenges you’ve overcome, made some of the mistakes you’ve made, rallied against the out-of-touch machine you’ve been fighting, and are willing to enter the crazy political world in order to fight for the country we all love so much.

They may not always dot their i’s and cross their t’s perfectly. They may not talk at you from a lofty stage adorned with Greek columns in an effort to remind you just how smart you should think they are.

But they’ll be sure to refudiate the policies that will bankrupt America’s grandchildren, that will tear our Constitution to shreds, and that will give the government more power over your liberty than you ever thought possible.

America already knows what the height of political elitism looks like on the Left. He’s sitting in the White House.

It’s time we start expecting more from the Right.

And if some in the conservative elite have a problem with courageous, regular Americans just like you and me stepping up to the plate to try to save this country, then maybe it’s time for them to hit the road, too.