'Fire From the Heartland' Burns Bright Despite Liberal Venom

The Left has, for a long time, used a tactic wherein they ridicule and demean people as a way to dehumanize them. Because, Better Than You. They’ve done this in particularly vile ways to conservative women, despite their false claims of being For the Women ™, with horrifically great success in the past. They are continuing to attempt this now, but something is different this time. You see, Mama Grizzlies aren’t easily cowed. And they bite back.

Citizens United released a film last week, entitled Fire From The Heartland: The Awakening of The Conservative Woman. Heavens to Betsy, the Left did not like that—strong, smart and attractive women are super scary! So they fell back on two tired ploys. Sneering in really lame ways, for one. Which I find particularly offensive. I mean, at least be funny. The second ploy was their totally played out “let’s sexualize conservative women as a way to dehumanize them” card.

First came Wonkette, with an ‘article’ entitled “New Twilight Mashup Features Michele Bachmann and Other Crazy Ladies.” See, they combined both ploys: attempts at funny that are anything but, plus demeaning sexualization with lines like “conservative ladies only want to gossip about how Barack Obama keeps shoving things into their mouth-holes. Ergo: This video is not suitable for work.”

Kudos, fellas! Next came the “feminist” site Jezebel who proved once again, with their screed against Fire From The Heartland, that lefty feminists are actually anti-woman and represent nothing but an agenda. First, there is more of the ridiculous somehow discerning oral sex from any phrase that involves the use of the word throat: “In the trailer, set to apocalyptic music, there’s talk about the New York people ramming their candidate down our throats, and policies being pushed down our throats. Ladies, we know all about that stuff, amirite?”

They also claimed that the word “awakening” in the title has sexual overtones. Well, I suppose that in their defense, as leftists they aren’t allowed to have any other kind of awakening. Awakening of thought? Egads! That’s not possible. All women must think the same and walk in lock-step. Otherwise, gender traitors and shills for men, who are evil, natch. Unless, of course, they are part of Big Daddy government.

Gawker at least gave the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge, the word throat is dirty” bit a rest. They did, however, outright call the film “porn.” Apparently, to the Left that whole bra-burning deal decades ago meant that all women would start unhooking their bras for every Tom, Dick and Harry in some demented quest for acceptance, fulfillment and “empowerment.” That’s probably why when Spike magazine issued its “Top Seven Cutest Feminists” (I know, Oxymoronical) list, there was a porn star on it.That is what they consider a great role model for women and the epitome of feminism.

Once again, the Left reduces women to the sum of their girly bits. And treats them as objects only, who can’t possibly have a thought or an opinion of their own. Who shouldn’t even speak, unless it’s about their uterus and its “choices”. Not surprising; they do this all the time.

When candidates whom Sarah Palin had endorsed all won their primaries one night, what was the main news topic the next day? Whether or not Sarah Palin had a boob job. Last week, a sportscaster asked NFL players if they would rather see Sarah Palin in the White House or in Playboy. Both were fully intended to not only ridicule, but to demean and diminish Sarah Palin as a person. To sexualize her and turn her into a caricature and a non-entity. It is an attempt to say “Those primary wins? Nothing to see here, move along. See? You can’t take her seriously. She’s just a pretty face and a great rack!”

There is a second reason now, however. The Left is terrified of Mama Grizzlies. As they should be; Mama Grizzlies are not whining victims needing protection. They are protectors. Fierce ones. The Left’s usual tricks don’t work on us.

As strong and confident conservative women, who don’t have even an ounce of our liberal counterparts’ perpetual victimhood, we embrace all aspects of our gender. Sorry, Lefties, but we have no problem looking pretty whilst vivisecting you verbally in an argument. You see, we aren’t simpletons; we can multi-task! We also know that if one appreciates how you look, it doesn’t preclude them from also appreciating your mind, your principles and your convictions.
Evidently, that isn’t possible on the Left.

Fire From the Heartland, featuring Congresswoman Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, SE Cupp, Ann Coulter, Dana Loesch, Phyllis Schafly and many others, is a must-see. It shows conservative women for what they truly are: capable, powerful, strong and diverse women. Who, along with a fierce fighting spirit, are feminine, loving, and nurturing. Women who’ve now had it and are moving to the forefront in a way that is unknown to Liberals, who have such disdain for women.

Conservative women don’t need to put our “careers first” as some sort of personal validation. Our careers are not ego-driven as a way to further only ourselves. We don’t sneer at “staying home and baking cookies” because that wouldn’t be furthering those careers. Rather, our careers are for our children.

Conservative women are speaking out now and rising to the top not for personal gain, but because we want to ensure that our children know the country we knew. So that our children learn how to embrace freedom and never let it go. So that our daughters know that they need not scratch notches into their bedposts in order to feel “empowered.” So that our daughters know that their rights and their equality are in no way predicated on a legal ability to kill their unborn children.

Some say conservative women are the voice of a movement, the voice of a generation. It’s more than that; conservative women are creating the voices of future generations with our fancy wombs; the very organs which the Left always seeks to use as a way to diminish us. And we are speaking for those unborn babies whose lives were snuffed out mercilessly, never having the chance to be a part of any generation at all.

So, keep sneering, Democrats. Keep mocking. Mock and sneer like the wind! Because we can see November in your scorn.

And it is beautiful.