White House at Confab with Muslim Brotherhood

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) held its “Islam and Muslims in America” conference last week in Chicago where a controversial White House appointee rubbed elbows with Muslim Brotherhood front organizations—including unindicted co-conspirators from the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the largest terrorist funding trial in U.S. history, the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial. 

The OIC host entity is comprised of the kings and heads of state of all Islamic countries (the OIC numbers its membership at 57 states by including the non-existent state of Palestine).

According to the “about us” section of the organization’s website, the OIC speaks for the Muslim world and the ummah, which is the worldwide body of Muslim believers. 

The website says:

“The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations which has membership of 57 states spread over four continents. The Organization is the collective voice of the Muslim world and ensuring to safeguard and protect the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony among various people of the world.…

“The Organization is composed of the following main bodies: The Islamic Summit, composed of Kings and Heads of State and Government of Member States, is the supreme authority of the Organization. It convenes once every three years to deliberate, take policy decisions and provide guidance on all issues pertaining to the realization of the objectives and consider other issues of concern to the Member States and the Ummah.”

The OIC’s claim to speak for “the collective voice of the Muslim world” carries great weight considering its membership. The OIC conference in Chicago—with the participation of the White House—is working with Muslim Brotherhood front groups to promote Sharia law and its governance in America through the ummah (body of religious believers). 

Yet the OIC is not an Islamic religious organization but a political entity exercising political power and territorial claims through all of its members as well as the ummah.

The White House representative at the OIC conference, Dalia Mogahed, is a big supporter of Sharia law.  From the London Telegraph

“Miss Mogahed, appointed to the President’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships, said the Western view of Sharia was ‘oversimplified’ and the majority of women around the world associate it with ‘gender justice.’

“The White House adviser made the remarks on a London-based TV discussion programme hosted by Ibtihal Bsis, a member of the extremist Hizb ut Tahrir party.

“The group believes in the non-violent destruction of Western democracy and the creation of an Islamic state under Sharia Law across the world.

“Miss Mogahed appeared alongside Hizb ut Tahrir’s national women’s officer, Nazreen Nawaz.

“During the 45-minute discussion, on the Islam Channel programme Muslimah Dilemma earlier this week, the two members of the group made repeated attacks on secular ‘man-made law’ and the West’s ‘lethal cocktail of liberty and capitalism.’

“They called for Sharia Law to be ‘the source of legislation’ and said that women should not be ‘permitted to hold a position of leadership in government.’”

Mogahed participated in a panel at the conference with Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Wahhaj, imam of the Masjid Al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, N.Y., also sits on the board of directors of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial.

In a September 1991 speech, Wahhaj made clear his intent toward all non-Muslims worldwide. From Discover the Networks:

“‘And [Allah] declared: Whoever is at war with my friends, I declare war on them. … Your true friend is Allah, the messenger, and those who believe…. Hear what I’m telling you well. The Americans are not your friends … The Canadians are not your friends … The Europeans are not your friends. Your friend is Allah, the Messenger and those who believe.’

“In a 1992 address to an audience of Muslims in New Jersey, Wahhaj expressed his desire to see Muslims seize control of the United States and replace its constitutional government with an Islamic caliphate. ‘If we were united and strong,’ Wahhaj said, ‘we’d elect our own emir [leader] and give allegiance to him…. Take my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.’

“In 1995 Wahhaj was named by U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White as a possible co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Wahhaj angrily objected to that designation, noting in his defense that he had eaten ‘dinner with Secretary of State [Madeline] Albright—after the list’ of co-conspirators had been released.

“In the summer of 1999, Wahhaj testified as a character witness for convicted terror mastermind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. Wahhaj stated, on the record, that he considered it an honor to have had an opportunity to host Abdel-Rahman at his mosque, describing the latter as a ‘respected scholar … bold …  a strong preacher of Islam.’

“In August and September of 2001, just prior to the 9/11 attacks, Wahhaj was a guest speaker at ‘Jihad Camp’ in Pennsylvania. The camp was organized by Safet Abid Catovic, a leader of the Benevolence International Foundation, a ‘charity’ that would be shut down in November 2002 on charges that it had provided funding for al Qaeda.”

You can find more of Wahhaj’s jihadi commentary here

The OIC meeting in Chicago claims to represent American Muslims and is working through and with Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, such as CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA—another unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial) whose stated goal is to subvert America through civilizational jihad.

Is the OIC making any headway in its jihad?

When the OIC meets at the summit level it represents the heads of state of its “57 member states.”

On December 8, 2005, at such a summit, the OIC ratified its “Ten-Year Programme of Action to Meet the Challenges Facing the Muslim Ummah in the 21st Century.” 

In the ten-year plan, section VII entitled “Combating Islamophobia,” subsection 3: “Endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.”

In 2009 the U.N. Human Rights Council passed a resolution (without a vote), submitted by the Obama Administration, which would subordinate U.S. free speech rights to U.N. oversight standards. These standards mirror the OIC’s Ten-Year Plan objectives.

The OIC seeks deterrent punishments for speaking against Islam to garner silence and submission to Sharia law.

Next we’ll examine OIC-manufactured crises worldwide surrounding the Muhammad cartoons in 2006, the knighthood of Salman Rushdie in 2007, Geert Wilders in 2008, Maine’s Christian Action Network fines in 2009 and the Koran burning crisis in 2010.

Stay tuned.