HUMAN EVENTS Reporter Assaulted at Leftist Rally

A liberal protester at the “One Nation Working Together” march physically assaulted a HUMAN EVENTS reporter who was videotaping Rep. Charlie Rangel (D.-N.Y) at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where the liberal rally took place.

The reporter, Emily Miller, was first hit from behind while she was taping Rangel as the Harlem congressman glad-handed supporters in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Miss Miller is heard on the video saying, “Please don’t hit me.” The protester proceeds to yell at the reporter, “Well get out of the way! What do you think this is? A–hole.” The activist was attempting to meet Rangel herself. Miss Miller continued videotaping the event, when suddenly the same unhinged protester lunged at her, hit her on the arm, and yelled, “Don’t take my picture.”

As the footage shows, the protestor then slapped Miss Miller, hitting the flip cam and saying, “Do not take my picture. Do not take my f-ing picture and I mean it.”

The scene continued, as the deranged woman assaulted Miss Miller yet again, before having to be restrained by members of the Park Police.