Redefining Feminism

2010 has been the year of the conservative woman and liberal women have been less than thrilled with that development. That has created a huge debate about a central question: Who better represents the feminist ideal: Conservative women or liberal women?

What better place could there be to get the conservative side of that argument than at the second annual Smart Girl Summit?

What follows are the answers given by attendees—sometimes edited for brevity’s sake—to the question: “Who better represents the feminist ideal: conservative women or liberal women—and why?”

“Conservative women definitely represent the ideal better because we believe in families, we believe in traditional values, and we are not afraid to show our Mama Grizzly teeth when we need to.”—Ashley Sewell

“All I want to know is why do feminists hate women?”—Jenny Erikson

“I would say conservative women because we can take care of ourselves.”—Sarah Durand

“I’ve always thought conservative women, maybe because I am one.”—Brittany Cohan

“Conservative women definitely do. We embrace true femininity and we promote women in terms of who they really are.”—Kellie Fiedorek

“Liberal women have owned the subject for a very long time … but it’s feminine to embrace the uniqueness of being a woman and those roles and responsibilities. We’ve been exploited so much to believe that we have to more like men.”—Molly Teichman

“The feminists of the sixties are the least feminine women I know. Sarah Palin came on the scene and she is redefining feminism.”—Lisa Mei Norton

“Without a doubt, conservative women. We don’t limit ourselves as to what a woman is supposed to be. We don’t put limits on femininity or what a mom does. We’re generally happy people. I think happiness is great indicator of who’s more successful and it’s definitely the right women.”—Teri Christoph


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