One Trillion Attend One Nation Rally

A crowd of about one trillion people attended the hard-left progressive One Nation rally on the Mall Saturday in Washington, D.C. Leave aside for a moment that there are around seven billion people inhabiting the entire planet, attendees came from as far away as Alpha Centauri and Uranus to attend the rally in support of Barack Obama and his big government agenda.

All of these people want free health care (they already got the free lunch and T-shirt when they were bused in).

In all seriousness, if you weren’t watching MSNBC’s kind coverage (their drop-in shots were few and far between due to low turnout), you’d find there were actually a few thousand people surrounding the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall, herded into and held in that limited area by pre-set fencing as seen here.   (h/t Amanda Carpenter) 

The One Nation rally had empty streets and by all reports parking spaces aplenty.  As also shown in the fenced-in photo linked above, the side overflow areas lacked any crowds whatsoever.  Photo after photo from Twitter throughout the day showed gaping holes in the “crowd” shots. 

The One Nation event attendance was dwarfed in size by the Restoring Honor rally in August hosted by radio talk show and Fox News host Glenn Beck which boasted a crowd in the hundreds of thousands.  Check out the footage from HUMAN EVENTS of the overflow fields and crowds here and compare.   

A photo gallery of One Nation “crowd” shots is available here from the Washington Post

Speaker after speaker at the event demanded more government giveaways and wealth re-distribution from their leaders.  And gay rights.  And amnesty.  And free education throughout everyone’s lifetime from cradle to great grandma getting her Ph.D. 

Self-proclaimed Communist and former Obama Green Jobs Czar Van Jones apologized for the crowd size saying more people would have attended but times are tough.  “The earth is overheating, the earth is heating up,” Jones proclaimed amid tirades about wind farms and recycling.

One “collegian” speaker called for a “re-spurring of community organizing.”  That’s exactly what America needs — more community organizers.

Al Sharpton stepped up to let folks know that “America is not one color, and not one gender.”

Harry Belafonte, friend and supporter of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, showed up to call the Tea Parties “evil.”

“We will not be divided and turned against one another,” Jessie Jackson declared from the stage then went on to demand more race-based job opportunities.

Favorite signs included: “Tax the Rich, Socialist Party U.S.A.” and “Jobs for Justice”

Best tweet of the day:  @radishthegreat: If they put as much effort into working as they do demanding other people’s money, they could be the “rich” they hate

The event organizers included such noble American groups as the Communist Party U.S.A., Democratic Socialists of America and the International Socialist Organization.

The Big Peace website has an extensive piece on the rally organizers, pointing out that among the NAACP and some of the more traditional Big Labor organizations backing the march are nestled such gems as the American Muslim Association of North America whose leader, Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout, whose appointment was not renewed this summer by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights due to his ties to Hamas and David Duke.  (h/t Kristinn Taylor)

And as is always the case when the hard core environmentalists protest in the streets, they leave their trash behind for someone else to pick up.


This video was taken after the One Nation rally on 10/2/2010 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. They left our Mall littered with their pre-printed Union signs and garbage. Very classy.

It’s not about the environment.  It never has been.  Going green is all about wealth re-distribution and control by “elites” over every aspect of our lives and businesses through energy regulation.

More trash photos, signs and low crowd turnout at this link

All in all, the rally presentation and signs will give Democratic candidates heartburn nationwide with one month left until America speaks at the polls.