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A visual recap of this week's SGP Summit.


The First Day Of The Smart Girl Summit In Pictures

A visual recap of this week’s SGP Summit.

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Smart Girl Summit. If you want to get an idea of what the event was like, take a look at these pictures from the first days festivities. Stay tuned for more from the Summit courtesy of John Hawkins.

Kellie Fiedorek & April Gregory
Kellie Fiedorek & April Gregory

Molly Teichman, Ericka Andersen

Anita MonCrief

Ashley Sewell, Kristin Patrice
Dana Loesch
Michelle Moore, Chris Loesch, Dana Loesch, Brian Bollman
Rebecca Wales, Sarah Durand
Princella Smith
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John Hawkins is a professional blogger who runs Right Wing News, Linkiest, Self Help Quotes, and Viral Footage

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