Obama Recess Appointments Barred Over Break

Senate Republicans reached an agreement last night with the Democrat Senate majority to hold pro-forma sessions of the Senate every Monday and Friday during the election break.  This action bars President Obama from appointing his controversial nominees while the Senate goes home to campaign for the elections.

For a recess appointment to occur, the Senate must be out of session for more than three consecutive days.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell threatened to return the entire slate of controversial nominees to the White House rejecting them outright. 

Unanimous consent is required to keep a nominee on the executive calendar when the Senate enters a recess period of 30 days or more.  The Senate is out today and will not return until the week of November 15th after the elections.

If all of Obama’s nominees were returned to the White House, they would be required to start the confirmation process over from the beginning including new confirmation hearings.

Democrats agreed to the deal, eager to get home with more time before the elections to attempt to undo some of the critical damage done to their chances for re-election this year by passage of their radical, left-wing, big government legislation.

The tradeoff for the twice weekly, pro-forma sessions bars Obama from making any recess appointments—including the five left-wing fringe judicial nominees we exposed here on HUMAN EVENTS.