Liz Cheney's Scathing Critique of Obama

Keep America Safe’s Liz Cheney was the keynote speaker at lunch on the first day of the 2nd annual Smart Girl Summit. She started out her speech talking about the health of her father—former Vice President Dick Cheney—and moved on to a scathing critique of Barack Obama’s presidency. Her speech was well received and she was mobbed with fans wanting pictures when it ended.

Here are the top five quotes from Liz Cheney’s speech:

5) “Grandma, why is it that some people wave at us with their whole hand and other people wave at us with just one finger? My mother, who is very quick on her feet, said, ‘Elizabeth, they’re just saying we’re number one!'”

4) “Decline is the path that this nation’s leaders have put us on. But we don’t have to stay on it. We can change it.”

3) “We cannot afford to have a President who thinks he’s some sort of global community organizer standing over America on one side and our adversaries on the other. America must have a Commander in Chief. Not a global community organizer.”

2) “I’ve got a message for Ahmadinejad: We may have a weak President now, but we’re getting ready to change that.”

1) “Obama’s foreign policy has three parts. Abandon our allies, appease our enemies, and apologize for America.”