Dana Loesch's Challenge to Conservative Women

Radio host Dana Loesch was the opening speaker at the second annual Smart Girl Summit. She held the crowd spellbound with a passionate speech about the challenges conservative women face in politics and why they should continue to fight.

Here are the top five quotes from Dana Loesch’s speech.

5) “I look at it like this: My husband can’t slap a girl, but I can. That’s why we’re all here.”

4) “I’ve had threats against my kids. I’ve had death threats. I’ve had to have 24-hour security outside of my house simply because I say things like ‘I like the Constitution.’”

3) “My husband and I were laughing because a liberal online told me, ‘You’re a conservative woman. You just like to fight for your inheritance.’ I drive a 9-year old car. I don’t have an inheritance. That’s why I’m a conservative woman.”

2) “I am all about liberating women from the bondage of voting for one particular party. That’s not what feminism is about.”

1) “I will not have my sons grow up in a world where the new original sin is being a man.”