Reporters Freak as Ann Coulter Meets Gay GOPers

I’ve attended dozens of Ann Coulter speeches over the years. They’ve been on college campuses, donor events, and conferences with thousands and thousands of people. It’s a common occurrence for reporters to lie about the event in order to suit their narrative and image of Coulter. But, after reading about an event this past weekend I felt like I was in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.”

I was fortunate to be a guest of Coulter’s at a New York City cocktail party where she gave a short speech and did Q & A with GOProud, a group of conservative-minded gays. Unsurprisingly, Coulter stuck to her principles by defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman. They were completely charmed and loved every minute of the repartee. What’s a reporter to make of a crowded room of open-minded conservatives with Ann Coulter at the helm? Lie, of course!

Politico reported that there was “nervous laughter” when Coulter addressed the frequent argument that gay marriage is a civil right and akin to denying blacks their rights. Coulter pointed out, both with truth and in jest, “Gays have the highest income of any demographic group in America. Blacks must be looking at gay rights activists in bewilderment thinking, ‘Why couldn’t we be oppressed like that?’”

There was no “nervous laughter” except, perhaps, by a reporter unsure of the location of the 14th Amendment.

Toward the end of her speech, Coulter gave a reasoned argument for traditional marriage. She said, “The purpose of marriage isn’t for society to honor the strong feelings people have for one another, it’s solely and exclusively to provide children the best environment for developing into law-abiding, socialized, productive citizens—so they don’t end up on welfare or mugging us someday.”

There was no booing. No haughty retorts. No one left the room in a dramatic huff. Members of the audience were tolerant not because they’re gay, but because they’re conservatives.
Coulter also offered a proposition that was well-received by the event’s organizers and the crowd. After reminding the crowd of the devastation of single motherhood on children, she said, “Instead of promoting something that’s a terrible idea, that everyone hates and that I know you secretly don’t even want anyway, my proposal is that GOProud demand that heterosexuals start taking marriage seriously.”

Of course, reporters have no interest in reporting a largely successful event of open-minded conservatives. Talking Points Memo wrote, “Coulter also made a forceful case against sex education in schools, accusing liberals of attempting to teach kindergartners about ‘fisting’ (which garnered her a heckler, who shouted out ‘What’s wrong with fisting?’) and told the crowd that most parents didn’t want their children learning about the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ instead of reading and writing.”

What Talking Points Memo neglected to report is that the supposed “heckler” was Coulter’s friend and Fox News’s “RedEye” host, Greg Gutfeld. There was uproarious laughter by both the audience and the speaker herself.

This wasn’t like when gutless liberals shout out in dimly lit auditoriums. It was a group of conservative friends joking with one another. Gutfeld, a happily married heterosexual, was reprising his hilarious “Red Eye” dirty-boy persona who claims to have boy sex-slaves living in a cage under his bed. It’s insulting that the reporter would suggest that a predominantly gay crowd cheered at the thought of teaching gross sexual acts to kindergartners.

Los Angeles’ KABC radio host John Phillips told me, “Everyone loved the jokes and the only ‘heckling’ happened when the open bar shut down for the night. Any reporter who says that the audience wasn’t eating it up with a spoon was too busy lifting silverware to pay attention to the speech.”

In addition to misrepresenting how Coulter was received, some reporters also played loose with Coulter’s words … and hands. Quoting Coulter, Politico wrote, “‘Right wingers have always liked gays. Look at all of Ronald Reagan’s gay friends,’ she said, proceeding to cite an unverified rumor dating back half a century: ‘Look at my personal hero Joe McCarthy and his’—airquotes—‘special assistant.’”

No“airquotes” gesture was used. Adding “airquotes” totally inverses the meaning of Coulter’s point. Given that half of Coulter’s New York Times bestseller, Treason, is about McCarthy it’s safe to say that she doesn’t engage in the nonsense rumors about him. She is well aware that liberals were lying when they called McCarthy gay, one of the left’s favorite insults to hurl at conservative men.

It really is stunning to read about others’ accounts of the event. Prior to Coulter’s speech, there was jovial talking, roaming photographers and introductions. Despite the media’s portrayal of the event, there was no dark cloud over the room after Coulter made her pitch for traditional marriage. To Coulter’s credit, she didn’t shy away from the debate. She continued to talk to attendees after the Q & A session ended. Unlike liberals, conservatives (gay or straight) don’t shield themselves from debate.