White House Attacks, Publisher Counters

“What are they so afraid of?”

Buffeted by a series of attacks by White House spokesmen and left-leaning media, conservative publisher Regnery (sister company to has decided to come out swinging.  Long slated for an October release, Regnery moved up the release date for bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza’s controversial new book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, to this coming Monday, September 27.  The new date will be just in time to respond to the front-page hit piece rumored to be coming in (where else?) the New York Times this weekend.

The White House has been “generous” with its attention – vilifying not only D’Souza, but also Forbes (which ran a preview of the book as the cover story in their September 27 issue) and former speaker Newt Gingrich (who praised the Forbes article), all for having the temerity to suggest that President Obama’s motivation might not be what he claims. After lambasting both the magazine and the Speaker on national TV, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs then called Forbes’s Washington bureau chief Brian Wingfield  into the White House to read him the riot act.

“The reason the White House is so upset about my argument,” says D’Souza, “is because it finally offers an explanation of what President Obama is doing that makes sense of both his foreign and his domestic policy.  Unlike those who describe Obama’s worldview as pro-socialist or racially-motivated, much less those who claim Obama is a secret Muslim or born outside the U.S., my thesis is far more straightforward and much more frightening.”

“Anyone who says this thesis is not backed up by research simply hasn’t bothered to read my book,” continues D’Souza.  “My thesis is completely substantiated, often drawing from Obama’s own words and writings, and those of his virulently anti-colonialist father.”

Adds Regnery Publisher Marji Ross, “Frankly, virtually no one has had a chance to read Dinesh’s book yet, since it’s literally days off the press, so why attack something you haven’t even read?  I have to wonder what they are so afraid of.”

After the desperate attacks in the past two weeks, we expect the MSM and the White House to be foaming at the mouth when The Roots of Obama’s Rage hits the stores and D’Souza takes to the airwaves Monday to actually defend the book.  Stay tuned…

The Roots of Obama’s Rage will be available at bookstores nationwide on Monday, September 27.  It is available for pre-order at and