Sharron Angle Is the Real Deal

There could be no nobler goal for Americans fed up with politics as usual than to retire Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and elect in his place Sharron Angle, an American who has stood up for the Constitution as a state legislator, and put education first as a mom, a grandmother, a teacher, and an elected school board member.

Harry Reid is a disgrace even by today’s loose standards.

One can only wonder what Lady Gaga’s fans thought of her twitter exchange with Harry Reid. For Nevada voters, what to think of their senator tweeting approvingly with a singing sensation who wore a “dress” made from meat slabs to the MTV Music Awards and who suggested not only the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, but wants to expel from the military anybody who dares object to open homosexuality in the military.

The more serious point about Harry Reid’s political grandstanding is his continued politics of deliberately dividing Americans into warring factions.

This week, Reid pushed to add three amendments to the defense authorization bill. Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” enactment of the DREAM Act, and taxpayer-funded abortions at military hospitals. He failed, mustering only 56 votes when 60 were needed to close debate and move to a vote.

All three amendments were desperate attempts to shore up Reid’s faltering re-election campaign by “energizing” elements of the leftist fringe that make up the mainstream of the Democratic Party today.

DADT is the current litmus test for political acceptability in America’s powerful homosexual circles.

DADT was a Clinton compromise that failed. Open sexuality of any kind is anathema to good order essential to military success. Common sense Americans don’t want the military overtly sexualized by anyone. Reid pandered to the wealthy and influential (out of all proportion to their numbers) “gay” folks. He was willing to weaken our military to get re-elected.

The DREAM Act is the current litmus test for political acceptability in the open borders radical-left Hispanic groups. 

The DREAM Act is a nightmare. This amendment would have recognized illegal alien college students as legal (and therefore eligible for taxpayer funded financial assistance) even though such students could have applied for legal status under current law anytime. Imagine tens of thousands of college students applying for loans, scholarships, and grants, competing with citizen students when such assistance is scarce already. The DREAM Act is amnesty.

Taxpayer-funded abortions at military hospitals? Rejected overwhelmingly by the voters in poll after poll, Reid again pursued this amendment in search of pro-abortion group support and approval.

Had enough of this kind of special interest politics?

Sharron Angle is supported by Americans who want someone to stand up for America—for all Americans.

Angle’s not your usual politician. She’s not polished, not charismatic. She is honest, authentic, and full of common sense, grounded in a love of our country’s founding documents. She’s not “anti-government,” she’s anti–unconstitutional government. Angle trusts freedom because freedom works and big oppressive, nanny state government doesn’t.

Angle would repeal Reid’s middle-of-the-night 3,000-page health “reform,” rejects TARP and the “stimulus” bill as doomed-to-fail government-directed “recovery” built on the sandcastle of mounting government debt.

At long last we have in Sharron Angle a candidate who will question whether we should continue a Department of Energy that spends $65 billion a year and produces no energy or continue a federal Department of Education when the money and decisions on education are best made by teachers and parents in the community.

Reid’s politics of labeling and dividing Americans, pitting one group against another, is failing this country. The Obama-Reid-Pelosi government debt-funded “recovery” is not working.

The Nevada highest-in-the-nation unemployment rate is 14.4% (over 20% when you count the too discouraged to look for work anymore folks).

For the good of Nevada, and for the good of the country, elect Sharron Angle. See to help her win.